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“The Art of War” by Adam Parr reviewed 13th January 2013, 11:37

Former Williams chairman Adam Parr claims Bernie Ecclestone played a role of forcing him out of F1 in his book The Art of War.

2012 F1 season Blu-Ray “Victorious Vettel” reviewed 11th January 2013, 15:44

The Blu-Ray version of the official 2012 F1 season review adds almost two hours more footage. Is it an improvement on the disappointing DVD edition?

2012 F1 season DVD “Victorious Vettel” reviewed 6th January 2013, 13:27

The 2012 F1 season DVD review video offers much of the essential action but suffers from some glaring omissions and fails to recapture the drama of the season.

F1 Fanatic readers’ top ten most-purchased gifts 2012 7th December 2012, 15:24

Here are the ten most popular purchases made by F1 Fanatic readers from the selection of books, videos, games and other items reviewed here this year.

“Grand Prix Who’s Who” fourth edition reviewed 2nd December 2012, 11:38

The new Autocourse Grand Prix Who’s Who details the careers of hundreds of F1 drivers, covers 800 pages, weighs four kilos – and gets five stars.

“F1 Race Stars” by Codemasters reviewed 13th November 2012, 14:01

F1 Race Stars is Codemasters’ latest addition to their official Formula One game roster. But is the Mario Kart clone as much fun as it looks?

“The Inside Track” by Jake Humphrey reviewed 11th November 2012, 13:29

BBC F1 presenter Jake Humphrey has written a new book on his four years in the sport – read the review and win a copy.

“Ayrton Senna: Messiah of Motor Racing” reviewed

Richard Craig thought the Ayrton Senna film was too sympathetic to its subject, so he wrote his own biography of the F1 great.

“Steve Rider: My Chequered Career” reviewed 21st October 2012, 12:54

BBC and ITV F1 presenter Steve Rider is better placed than most to comment on the impassioned debate about the standard of F1 television coverage.

“Tony Robinson: race mechanic” biography reviewed 30th September 2012, 10:49

BRP chief mechanic Tony Robinson, who helped cut Stirling Moss from the wreckage of his car at Goodwood in 1962, is the subject of this new biography.

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