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The feeder formula champions (p1/4) 10th September 2007, 9:00

Formula 3000 and lately GP2 have been pushing young driver towards F1 for over two decades. And yet no F3000 or GP2 champion has ever gone on to win the sport’s ultimate prize – the Formula 1 World Championship. In this four part series we take a look at the 22 champions – and what […]

Mosley: Schumacher would have lost ’94 title under modern rules 22nd August 2007, 7:00

James Allen claims in his new biography of Michael Schumacher that FIA president Max Mosley believes Schumacher would have been stripped of his 1994 world championship under the current F1 rules.

“Michael Schumacher: The edge of greatness” (James Allen, 2007) 19th August 2007, 7:00

A new book on Michael Schumacher by ITV F1 commentator James Allen? Whether I was going to like or loathe it I knew I had to read it as soon as possible. Both Allen and Schumacher are pretty controversial among F1 fans – Allen’s commentaries for ITV-F1 are not well-liked, partly because of his perceived […]

Debate: Is it all over for Button? 9th August 2007, 7:00

Nigel Mansell has criticised fellow Briton Jenson Button, saying he’s wasted his F1 opportunity: Jenson should have won more races, he has under-performed and that is down to him. He had the opportunity and he didn’t take it – there won’t be any more. Do you agree with the 1992 world champion? Or are Button’s […]

Top ten… Minardi heroes 26th July 2007, 10:00

Watching Markus Winkelhock lead his first ever Grand Prix having qualified his un-competitive Spyker at the back of the grid had me reminiscing about backmarker heroes Minardi. The Italian team became cult heroes during their two decades in Formula 1. They were often the first to get lapped, but they also made some giant-killing performances […]

1992 British Grand Prix flashback 5th July 2007, 10:00

We’ve been promised Lewis-mania for Sunday. Britain’s prodigious F1 star has his homecoming before tens and thousands of enraptured fans. The Silverstone crowd knows how to get behind a heroic home driver – none more so than Nigel Mansell. He held the crowd in the palm of his hand every time he went there after […]

Grand Prix flashback: France 1988 28th June 2007, 13:00

The inter-McLaren battle between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton is already being compared to the great McLaren rivalry of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. Hamilton is cast in the role of new boy Senna – Alonso is a two times champion just as Prost was in 1988. But at that year’s French Grand Prix Prost […]

Debate: Are 2007 F1 cars ugly? 4th June 2007, 7:00

Every F1 car is an exercise in function over form. But sometimes the by-product of ultimate speed is automotive beauty. Most F1 fans can reel off a list of the F1 cars they found the most attractive. Today’s cars are distinctive for being peculiarly narrow – as demanded by the regulations – and bristling with […]

Spanish Grand Prix 2007 preview 9th May 2007, 9:00

If Bernie Ecclestone thought no-one would notice that he left a San Marino-sized hole in the 2007 calendar, he was wrong. The championship may have got off to a sparkling start with three different winners, three different championship leaders, and the magnificent debut performances of Lewis Hamilton, but all that momentum has dissipated in the […]

Banned! Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) 3rd May 2007, 9:00

Williams unleashed one of the greatest technological blows the sport has ever seen in 1992 when their computer-controlled active suspension FW14B stormed the championship. The technological onslaught continued in 1993 as traction control and anti-lock braking became commonplace and Williams’ rivals up and down the pit lane grappled with active suspension. Astonishingly even as the […]

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