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Brawn Racing? Surely not… 28th February 2009, 10:53

The F1 world is waiting to discover whether Honda’s team will make it onto the grid next year. Becken has unearthed an interesting detail potentially revealing the name of the new team as Brawn Racing: There?s an interesting history regarding an internet domain registered by a lawyer named Caroline McGrory (former BAR employee!). She taken […]

Newspapers claim Honda F1 deal done 27th February 2009, 8:50

Several newspapers this morning are claiming a deal to rescue the Honda F1 team has been done. According to The Times: Sources close to the Brackley-based outfit confirmed last night that the deal is going ahead and that the team will conduct a ??shakedown?? test of their new car at Silverstone next Thursday, which will […]

Ray of light for Honda as team goes testing 25th February 2009, 19:32

A very surprising story on this evening: Despite no confirmation that a buyer has been found to secure the future of the Brackley-based outfit, has learned that with the 2009 car now ready, team personnel have been instructed to get ready to go testing. It is not clear whether the preparations are advanced […]

Branson wants clean and cheap racing 21st February 2009, 10:22

Virgin boss Richard Branson has discussed what he would like to see in Formula 1 racing if his company were to become involved. However he refrained from clarifying whether or not he was in discussions to take over the Honda F1 team: If we were in discussions I wouldn’t be allowed to say it because […]

Will Honda’s team race in 2009? (Poll) 17th February 2009, 21:12

In December we did a poll on whether The Team Formerly Known as Honda would participate in the 2009 F1 championship. Half of F1 Fanatic readers thought they would, but two months later are we more or less confident about the fate of F1’s tenth team?

David Richards says F1 costs are still too high – and he’s not buying Honda 8th January 2009, 19:35

David Richards didn’t exactly say “I’m not buying Honda”, but he dropped a big hint today that he won’t be taking over the Brackley team in 2009: The cost-cutting process that has been put in place has not yet seen its full benefit, and I don’t think it will be until 2010 that you will […]

Will a buyer be found for Honda? (Poll) 16th December 2008, 7:00

Almost two weeks have passed since Honda made the shock announcement it was selling its F1 team. The deadline for what Honda calls a ‘credible’ buyer to be identified is a little over two weeks away. Will one be found?

Why more manufacturers will follow Honda out of F1 (Ben Evans column) 11th December 2008, 7:00

Earlier this week I asked if Honda’s F1 pull-out would be a one-off or the first of many. Guest writer Ben Evans sees more manufacturer withdrawals in the near future. So Honda is F1?s first credit crunch victim having, in the space of 12 months, gone from two F1 teams to none. Surprising? Well not […]

More signs that manufacturers are starting to favour specification racing 10th December 2008, 7:00

While Honda joins Audi and Seat in scaling back its motor racing programmes for 2009, Porsche is doing the opposite. But the German premium marque isn?t joining rivals BMW and Mercedes in Formula 1 ?ǣ it?s chosen the American Grand-Am sports car championship. What, if anything, does this tell us about F1?s appeal to car […]

How the last global recession affected F1 teams ?ǣ and how the next one might 9th December 2008, 15:00

The true impact of the global recession on Formula 1 became clear week as Honda suddenly axed its F1 team. It?s not clear how deep and how prolonged the recession will be, but we can get an idea how it will affect F1 by looking back on what the 1989-1992 recession did to the sport.

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