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How the last global recession affected F1 teams ?ǣ and how the next one might 9th December 2008, 15:00

The true impact of the global recession on Formula 1 became clear week as Honda suddenly axed its F1 team. It?s not clear how deep and how prolonged the recession will be, but we can get an idea how it will affect F1 by looking back on what the 1989-1992 recession did to the sport.

Should Tata bring Jaguar back to F1? 27th March 2008, 9:00

Ford have sold Jaguar (and Land Rover) to Indian company Tata for ??1.15bn ($2.3bn). The blue oval ran Jaguar Racing in F1 for five years before selling it to Red Bull in 2004. As a luxury car manufacturer two of Jaguar’s biggest rivals compete in Formula 1 – BMW and Mercedes. So should Tata bring […]

Top ten… Team-mate crashes (Video) 1st November 2007, 7:00

Say what you like about Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. However great the enmity between the pair was at least they never took each other off. Unlike this sorry collection of drivers from the front and back of the grid.

The feeder formula champions (p4/4) 13th September 2007, 7:00

Many of F1’s top drivers have entered the sport after winning the Formula 3000 or, more recently, GP2 championship. But no driver has ever won that junior title and then become F1 champion. In this four part series we take a look at the 22 champions including the driver who could be the first to […]

The Ben Evans Column: Bull 23rd August 2007, 9:00

One of the more entertaining F1 side shows of past weeks was the spat between Scott ‘not got any’ Speed and the Red Bull junior team, which has led to Speed’s departure from the Toro Rosso. Speed is latest in a string of Red Bull-backed drivers who have been rushed into F1 and failed to […]

Silverstone Cap Count 10th July 2007, 7:00

Want to know who the fans were supporting at Silverstone? Simply count their caps. You might think that everyone was there to support Hamilton but ten minutes spent looking at what the fans were wearing on their heads told a different story – I spotted support for all but one of the F1 teams. Here’s […]

Pizzonia’s F1 dream finally over? 20th June 2007, 18:47

Antonio Pizzonia’s slim hope of resurrecting his F1 career may have been dealt a final, fatal blow. Pizzonia last raced in F1 two years ago and was trying to use GP2 as a route back to the top. But rumours suggest he is about to be replaced and Giancarlo Fisichella’s team FMS International by Venezuelan […]

The Old Rumour Mill – June 5th June 2007, 7:00

The Adrian Newey saga dominated the headlines six years ago. Yet, in one of those funny little ironies, although he didn’t end up leaving McLaren for Jaguar at the time he did end up moving to the same team a few years later. Plus F1 (nearly) at Laguna Seca and the absence of Audi.

F1 in the blogs 29 – Driving Irvine’s Jaguar 26th May 2007, 7:00

What’s it like to drive an F1 car? One blogger found out – check out our Post of the Week. Plus Michael Schumacher’s final Ferrari sold, great F1 quotes and a lot of ranting.

F1 2007 Preview: New best friends 4th March 2007, 9:00

It’s highly unusual to see three top drivers make high-profile moves from one season to the next, but that is exactly what’s happened this year: Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen and Mark Webber have all defected. Why did they jump ship? What lead them to the teams they chose? And, most importantly of all, what are […]

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