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US F1 closes down 2nd March 2010, 19:49

US F1 has closed its factory less than two weeks before it was supposed to begin competing in Formula 1. According to Autosport the remaining staff have been laid off. I have been trying to contact the team for several days without success. There has not yet been an official announcement from the team. It […]

US F1 set to abandon F1 bid 17th February 2010, 22:56

US F1 appear to be on the verge of giving up on their plans to compete in the 2010 F1 season. Reports in the Argentinean media claim Peter Windsor told Jose Maria Lopez the team will not race in F1 this year. There has been little news from the team for several weeks. It planned […]

US F1 keeping Charlotte base 16th February 2010, 14:21

US F1 has refuted rumours it is selling its F1 base in the USA. The building the team operates from in Charlotte, North Carolina has appeared for sale prompting fresh speculation about the future of the team. A US F1 spokesperson explained the team are tenants in the property and the owners have put the […]

Jose Maria Lopez confirmed at US F1, Peter Windsor insists he’s good enough 26th January 2010, 0:02

US F1 have confirmed their first driver for 2010 and it isn’t a rising American star or an experienced F1 hand – it’s 26-year-old Jose Maria Lopez, who last drove a single-seater in 2006. Lopez – often referred to by his nickname ‘Pechito’ – has won various domestic championships in his native Argentina since then. […]

USF1 Barber test closed to public 14th January 2010, 8:19

Barber Motorsports Park has confirmed USF1’s test session at the track will not be open to the public. A circuit spokesperson said other details of the test have not been decided yet: In regards to the USF1 test, we are still in negotiations at this point. If the test does come to Barber Motorsports Park, […]

Behind the scenes at USF1 (Video parts 1&2) 13th January 2010, 9:27

While some people have raised doubts over whether USF1 will come good on their goal to make it to the F1 grid in 2010, the team haven’t fallen short on their promise to make greater use of social media to show fans what’s going on at their base. A new series of videos posted on […]

USF1 car undergoes crash test (Video) 9th January 2010, 22:36

There’s been some speculation about how far along USF1 are with their F1 project. A new video released by the team today showing their car’s nose structure undergoing crash testing may help address those concerns. The team revealed the crash test took place last week, but it’s likely most of the existing teams had crash-tested […]

USF1 to test F1 car in America 8th January 2010, 12:26

USF1 has confirmed its 2010 F1 preparations will begin at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama. Peter Windsor told the official F1 website: We?ve got the dispensation from the FIA, which is fantastic, because we are not based in Europe. We are the only team that does have a test circuit outside Europe, so it is […]

Windsor: America “more industrious” 3rd January 2010, 10:16

USF1 sporting director Peter Windsor has voiced his objection to F1’s factory shut-down which will take place for the second time this year. Writing on the USF1 website he said: There was an F1 team meeting vote in the early fall about whether the 2009 F1 August shut-down had been a “success”. I was impressed […]

USF1 starts YouTube channel 24th December 2009, 8:22

YouTube CEO Chad Hurley joined USF1 back in August but until now we’ve not seen much in the way of what that means for the team. There was talk of how USF1 would open up to fans in new ways using technologies like YouTube. That took a step closer to reality today as the team […]

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