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Bahrain heads 2008 calendar – but how many races? 24th July 2007, 7:00

Bahrain has been confirmed as the first Grand Prix of 2008 as Formula One Group seeks to repeat last year’s ratings high. A race at midday in Bahrain airs in the early evening in Europe – prime television time – unlike the Australian round which Europeans have to get up at around 3am to see. […]

Raikkonen’s reliability woes continue 22nd July 2007, 17:22

Kimi Raikkonen’s retirement from this afternoon’s European Grand Prix will cause his supporters to lament his misfortune once again.

Photographer wants ??1,300 for Senna death photos 21st July 2007, 22:58

An Italian photographer is trying to sell 29 unpublished photographs of Ayrton Senna’s fatal accident for ??1,300. The pictures appeared on the Italian eBay site for ??2,000 (USD $2,760), the seller offering two and a half times as much for an immediate sale. It’s doubtful that these pictures, taken as the medical team arrived on […]

Top ten… F1 scandals 12th July 2007, 10:00

The eyes of the F1 world are fixed on the twists and turns of the Ferrari-McLaren espionage scandal. F1 is no stranger to controversy – here’s ten of the juiciest from recent years…

Imperfect sporting moments 4th July 2007, 19:31

Having picked up on The Daily Telegraph’s 50 Perfect Sporting Moments last week, and suggested a few F1 inclusions, I could hardly ignore today’s 50 Imperfect Sporting Moments. This time just one F1 moment made the list. Any guesses? It was Michael Schumacher taking out Damon Hill in in 1994 championship decide at Adelaide. Once […]

Perfect sporting moments 29th June 2007, 10:00

The Daily Telegraph recently compiled a top 50 sporting moments and two F1 highlights featured in the list. They were: #31 – Fernando Alonso passing Michael Schumacher, Japanese Grand Prix 2005 #33 – Michael Schumacher winning the San Marino Grand Prix after the death of his mother, 2003 Memorable moments no doubt – but I […]

2008 F1 calendar may have 20 races 17th June 2007, 13:33

Bernie Ecclestone’s goal of having 20 races could be recognised as early as next year. The F1 calendar is set for more upheaval as the series continues to look to new venues beyond its European heartland. France is set to lose its race and there are question marks over the American and British rounds. Plus […]

Canadian Grand Prix 2007 facts & statistics 11th June 2007, 7:00

Lewis Hamilton’s maiden F1 pole position and victory were the headlines of the Canadian Grand Prix weekend. But how many other drivers triumphed in their debut seasons? Can Hamilton beat the record for most wins in his first year? Find out…

F1 in the blogs 28 – Stirling Moss interview 19th May 2007, 7:00

An interesting interview with Stirling Moss is our Post of the Week today. Also the problems with street racing, the apparent lack of talent in GP2 this year, and why Felipe Massa’s blog is rubbish.

Banned! X-wings 5th April 2007, 12:00

Over a pint a former Tyrrell mechanic once told me where the idea came for the hideous ‘X-wings’ that the team brought to the sport came from. This was in 1997, at which point the team was in its death throes – the last year in which boss Ken Tyrrell was still at the helm. […]

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