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Bahrain heads 2008 calendar – but how many races? 24th July 2007, 7:00

Bahrain has been confirmed as the first Grand Prix of 2008 as Formula One Group seeks to repeat last year’s ratings high. A race at midday in Bahrain airs in the early evening in Europe – prime television time – unlike the Australian round which Europeans have to get up at around 3am to see. […]

Alonso may be in trouble over pit lane incident 22nd July 2007, 16:45

His jubilant post-race celebrations didn’t show it, but a cloud hangs over Fernando Alonso’s victory this afternoon.

F1 in the blogs 36: Why Indy lost F1 21st July 2007, 7:00

Some of the top posts from the F1 blogs this week, including more analysis of F1 leaving America, the espionage scandal, new gearbox rules, and James Hunt. Check out the links below for some good reading.

F1 in the news 44: Labour, Tories & Hamilton 20th July 2007, 10:00

Not only are the two main political parties in Britain trying to claim credit for Lewis Hamilton, he’s even got his own poem now. Happily the newspapers have remembered there are other British drivers and the Daily Mail has interviewed Anthony Davidson. Plus Martin Brundle has a go at Toyota and US commentators ponder the […]

Meet the fans

The British Grand Prix last week was the perfect opportunity to meet some other F1 fans face-to-face. So here they all are! Many thanks to the five groups featured below that agreed to share their thoughts on F1, the British Grand Prix, and above all, the British drivers.

Sebastian Vettel: better than Hamilton? 13th July 2007, 10:00

I’ve been scolding myself for days for not making a bigger fuss over Sebastian Vettel’s Grand Prix debut. So here it is, almost three weeks late. Vettel is hot stuff. Lewis Hamilton has seriously skewed our perceptions of what to expect of a rookie driver. He was only going to get more attention than Hamilton […]

No F1 GP at Indianapolis in 2008 12th July 2007, 15:56

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has announced it will not be holding an F1 Grand Prix in 2008. The circuit owners had stipulated a deadline of July 9th for confirming a deal to hold the race. But circuit owner Tony George and F1 commercial boss Bernie Ecclestone failed to agree on the fee for the race. […]

Top ten… F1 scandals

The eyes of the F1 world are fixed on the twists and turns of the Ferrari-McLaren espionage scandal. F1 is no stranger to controversy – here’s ten of the juiciest from recent years…

Montoya, come home 9th July 2007, 16:00

Today marks one year since Juan Pablo Montoya abruptly called time on his F1 career and returned to the United States to race in NASCAR. He scored his first victory in the Nextel Cup last month, underlining his talent and versatility as a driver. Few modern drivers have a CV to rival Montoya’s, with victories […]

Imperfect sporting moments 4th July 2007, 19:31

Having picked up on The Daily Telegraph’s 50 Perfect Sporting Moments last week, and suggested a few F1 inclusions, I could hardly ignore today’s 50 Imperfect Sporting Moments. This time just one F1 moment made the list. Any guesses? It was Michael Schumacher taking out Damon Hill in in 1994 championship decide at Adelaide. Once […]

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