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From Hawthorn to Hamilton? (Video) 18th October 2008, 13:00

‘From Hawthorn to Hamilton’ was the theme of this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. Tomorrow Lewis Hamilton could win the F1 title on the 50th anniversary of the first British driver to win the championship: Mike Hawthorn. Journeyer tells the story. An unpredictable season, with multiple winners and stunning upsets. But as we approach the […]

F1’s best street circuits part 1/3 (Video) 24th September 2008, 9:00

Journeyer usually takes a look at the F1 history of each track on the calendar – but with Singapore new to the world championship his retrospective this week looks at F1’s best and worst street circuits. The Singapore Grand Prix is coming up very soon and I’m going to be there; to say I’m very […]

Video: French GP history 1906-79 18th June 2008, 11:00

Journeyer is back with another two-part look at Grand Prix history. This week it’s the turn of the French Grand Prix. France has always been an important country for motorsport – for it has contributed so much. It is most noted for two things. It is the home of the Le Mans 24 Hours and […]

F1 circuits history part 2: 1951-3 6th January 2008, 7:00

The second part of the guide to F1 circuits includes the infamous Nurburgring Nordschleife, and the home of the Dutch Grand Prix. It also includes the circuit at Buenos Aires where hundreds of thousands flocked to watch arguably the world championship’s first great – Juan Manuel Fangio.

F1 circuits history part 1: 1950 5th January 2008, 7:00

Starting today is the first in a new series looking at how Formula 1 circuits have changed since the world championship started in 1950. From the days of 14-mile monsters like the Nurburgring to today’s computer-designed autodromes in exotic venues like Shanghai, the evolution of F1 circuits reveals how the sport has expanded beyond its […]

“Classic Motorsport Routes” (Richard Meaden, 2007) 4th November 2007, 7:00

Something a little different in the reviews corner this week. This book shows you how to seek out and re-trace the great road racing circuits from motor racing history, including the former giant F1 tracks like Pescara and the Nurburgring Nordschleife. An F1 fan could get a few years’ worth of holiday destinations out of […]

The Old Rumour Mill – August 7th August 2007, 7:00

Old stories from the depths of the F1 archives including how a pair of businessmen tried to bring Vanwall back to F1 in 1999. Plus the thwarted dream of a Grand Prix in London – and Alain Prost’s year off that never was.

Ten of the best… early Grand Prix winners 21st June 2007, 10:00

Which ten drivers scored their first Grand Prix win right at the start of their careers? Lewis Hamilton scored his first race win at his sixth attempt last week. Find out how many others beat him to it – including the first ever to win for Ferrari.

Hamilton makes history 18th March 2007, 14:57

After months of hype Lewis Hamilton delivered first time out with a sensational podium finish in his first Grand Prix. Yes, he had the benefit of a competitive McLaren Mercedes in which to make his first Grand Prix start – something the likes of Michael Schumacher and Hamilton’s own team mate Alonso never had. But […]

F1 2007 Preview: Alonso shoots for the triple 2nd March 2007, 9:00

Fernando Alonso has a rare opportunity this year to become a triple-champion of the sport – something that only two drivers before him have done. Juan Manuel Fangio achieved his with different teams – Michael Schumacher won his all with Ferrari. And several other drivers came tantalisingly close – but failed to achieve the same. […]

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