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Teams have cut carbon emissions, says FOTA study 17th January 2013, 11:10

F1 teams cut their carbon emissions by 7% between 2009 and 2011 according to a report commissioned by the Formula One Teams Association.

KERS return could improve racing – Simon 30th April 2010, 14:14

The FIA’s director of powertrain and electronics, Gilles Simon, has given another indication that F1 could return to using Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems soon. He stressed the potential benefits of reintroducing KERS in an interview with the FIA magazine In Motion: I think that could actually add to the show because with reduced displacement engines […]

The state of Formula 1 in 2008 28th December 2008, 13:24

The 2008 Formula 1 season ended on a high on the track – but the shock withdrawal of Honda was a sting in the tail. With 2009 almost upon us it’s time to take stock of F1’s position as one season ends and a new year begins: the quality of the competition, the future of […]

F1 2009: 10 questions for the off-season 5th November 2008, 9:00

As the 2008 F1 season ends on a high we now look forward to what should be one of the most fascinating off-seasons for many years. With radical changes to the technical rules, fraught political tension between the rule-makers and the teams, and two holes suddenly appearing in the calendar, these are the questions that […]

Ferrari and Toyota threaten to quit F1 if Max Mosley forces standard engines 27th October 2008, 20:43

First Toyota, now Ferrari is threatening to pull its F1 team if Max Mosley persists with his plan to make all F1 teams use the same engine: The Ferrari Board of Directors expressed strong concerns regarding plans to standardise engines as it felt that such a move would detract from the entire raison of a […]

FIA-FOTA agreement: Teams’ proposals accepted as Mosley backs down on KERS 21st October 2008, 20:15

Details are emerging about the agreement reached between the FIA and FOTA, representing the F1 teams, following their meeting at Geneva today. A joint statement from the two declared “significant cost savings for 2009 and 2010″ had been agreed but added no further detail. However Autosport has published details of some points of the agreement […]

Green F1 tyres? Seriously? 8th October 2008, 9:16

Japanese GP tyres have green grooves

KERS not powerful enough for F1? 14th June 2008, 23:15

Honda’s Ross Brawn has suggested F1 teams may not use the much-vaunted Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems next year as they are not sure they will improve the performance of their cars: I think each team will be covering both options because no one knows how good KERS will be. Therefore I’m certain that each team […]

Problems with KERS and its impact on F1 17th April 2008, 7:00

Max Mosley has tried to shrug off growing demands for him to quit in the face of lurid revelations about his personal life and pushed ahead with his plans to introduce environmentally-friendly kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) in F1 from 2009. He has written to teams outlining a vision of how a more powerful KERS […]

2010 F1 calendar may have 5 night GPs 26th March 2008, 13:00

If Bernie Ecclestone gets his way (and how often does that not happen?) five Formula 1 Grands Prix will be held under floodlights by 2010 – which by then will probably be a quarter of the calendar. It’s an ambitious target given that the first F1 night Grand Prix at Singapore hasn’t even been held […]

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