Debate: 2.2-litre V6 turbos for F1?

A turbo F1 car with a 2.2-litre V6 engine running on bio-ethanol, limited to 10,000 rpm and 770hp with traction control, four wheel drive and 13 seconds of power boost per lap. Does this sound like a realistic vision of the future of F1 to you?

F1 in the news 24

This week’s F1 stories include the race fans suing a Grand Prix promoter and the Grand Prix promoters desperately trying to attract more race fans. Plus the surprising withdrawal of the Auto Union auction, Fernando Alonso has another row with the press, and who the hell is Hinny Rikinen?

I ?????? F1

Formula 1 may be flawed – but it’s still fantastic. As much as I gripe about the FIA’s dodgy decisions and Kimi Raikkonen’s unwaveringly tedious monotone, I’d sooner chew my arm off than miss a Grand Prix. Because not only is F1 a superb sport – it is a lot more than that. And so, … Continue reading I ?????? F1

F1 in the blogs

F1 bloggers reacted to the sad news of Clay Regazzoni’s death this week. Also in the blogs – more Schumacher conspiracies, photographs from the FIA Gala, and is the sun setting on Rubens Barrichello’s career? Read on to find out…