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Supercars outgun F1 in power race 14th December 2006, 20:45

In the 2005 season the top F1 engines were producing in excess of 900 horsepower, with the leading engines believed to have as much as 950hp on tap. But as of this year engines were cut in size from 3.0-litre V10s to 2.4-litre V8s. And with that drop in size came a corresponding drop in […]

F1 in the blogs 25th November 2006, 12:12

The appointment of Lewis ‘first black F1 driver’ Hamilton is unsurprisingly the number one story among F1 bloggers this week. But there are also those with plenty to say about the new green F1 and the state of F1 television. Read on for more in our weekly round-up. (All blog links external)

F1 in the news 24th November 2006, 18:15

In our weekly roundup of F1 headlines the next generation of F1 stars have impressed at the Formula Three Macau Grand Prix, the ‘Michael Schumacher comeback’ rumours have started already, Juan Pablo Montoya makes a crash-bang debut in the NASCAR Nextel Cup, and Alessandro Zanardi makes an incredible return to an F1 cockpit. All news […]

Sport may be ‘killing’ the planet – but don’t kill sport

Writing in last edition of the Observer Sport Monthly George Monbiot savaged sport in general and motor sport in particular for causing climate change. Motor racing he says is, “simply incompatible” with finding a solution to global warming: “the faster the car, the quicker it cooks the planet.” Never mind that Monbiot fails to make […]

F1 in the blogs 18th November 2006, 19:27

In this week’s round-up of stories in the F1 blogs there’s scepticism on the FIA and GPMA announcement, speculation on the return of Mika Hakkinen, anticipation for the return of Spa-Francorchamps next year and incredulity at the Dubai F1 Theme Park. (All blog links external)

F1 in the news 17th November 2006, 18:59

In this week’s round-up of F1 headlines the big story is peace in our time as the manufacturers and FIA lay down their arms in the battle for the future of F1. Also, Kazuki Nakajima is already coveting a race seat for next season, and Bahrain and Australia anticipate fleecing and giving discounts to F1 […]

F1’s new engines: 1-litre turbos? 16th November 2006, 19:36

The FIA and the car manufacturers have finally found common ground on the future of the F1 rules. Along with which comes some important and surprising decisions on the future direction of F1 engine technology – which could see a dramatic reduction in engine sizes.

What the FIA’s F1 survey really tells us 12th October 2006, 19:19

“This reaffirms the view that Formula One is an important showcase for technology,”? trumpeted the FIA’s press release on the publication of the results of the 2006 FIA/AMD F1 survey. But the same survey also showed that the number of people who felt that technology was the most exciting aspect of F1 fell compared to […]

The big green elephant in the corner 1st August 2006, 21:32

Over at the Motor Racing Journal, Qwerty has some very interesting thoughts on Max Mosley’s plans for the future of Formula One. Particularly on the controversial move to standard specification engines from 2008 and Mosley’s desire to see car manufacturers develop alternative fuel technologies in Formula One: For 100 years the emphasis of racing has […]

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