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A brilliant race in Turkey shows F1 is on the right track (Making F1 better) 2nd June 2010, 12:32

The Turkish Grand Prix was a fantastic race – and it didn’t need a single drop of rain to liven things up. F1 Fanatic readers rated the Turkish Grand Prix higher than any other dry race weekend since our “Rate the Race” polls began at the start of 2008. After the criticisms of ‘boring F1′ […]

Making F1 better: series round-up 30th April 2010, 21:24

How can F1 become better? From reading the thousands of your comments posted in our series over the past week I think we’ve learned some important things about this debate.

Addicted to aero (Making F1 better) 27th April 2010, 18:29

The “Making F1 better” discussion series started here last week has provoke a range of responses and ideas from fans. But one particular complaint has come up time and time again: F1 cars are too dependent on downforce. There may be no silver bullet which cures all F1’s ills, but kicking its addiction to aerodynamics […]

Improving F1 means solving a three-dimensional problem (Making F1 better) 26th April 2010, 18:03

Cost, Safety and The Show. If you want to get anything changed in F1, these are the three criteria you’ve got to satisfy. So how do our ideas for making F1 better measure up?

What should F1 be? (Making F1 better) 24th April 2010, 16:00

We began our discussion about how to make F1 better yesterday by asking what made F1 great in the past and what – if anything – is missing from it now. In part two we’ll tackle a question that often provoked disagreement and debate between F1 fans: just what is Formula 1 supposed to be? […]

When was F1 at its best? The rose-tinted spectacles problem (Making F1 better) 23rd April 2010, 15:47

In the golden days of F1 every Grand Prix was a classic, with 20 changes of lead and a photo finish. Dashing drivers would climb from beautiful, sponsor-free cars, light a cigarette and regale the world’s press with quick-witted quips. Nonsense, of course. It’s easy to write off modern F1 as a pale shadow of […]

Making F1 better: a discussion series 22nd April 2010, 23:21

In recent years F1 has become fixated with “improving the show”. And the calls for better racing doubled after the dull season opener at Bahrain. Since then we’ve had three much better races. That doesn’t necessarily mean F1’s problems are solved. In a new series starting today I aim to start a constructive debate on […]

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