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Grand Prix Legends hit out at state of F1 22nd July 2008, 15:00

Anyone who’s shopped for F1 clothing, a model Formula 1 car or some other kind of memorabilia will likely have heard of Grand Prix Legends. Their adverts have been running on this site for some time. Their new catalogue dropped through my letter box today and I was surprised to see they’d given over five […]

New F1 Racing vs old F1 Racing 17th June 2008, 12:30

We’ve had a few discussions here about F1 Racing magazine before – I’ve been consdering junking my subscription in favour of the new-look Motorsport magazine. This month new F1 Racing editor Hans Seeberg has rolled out a totally redesigned magazine – everything bar the logo seems to have been completely overhauled. Here’s the verdict.

Classic F1 publications go digital 23rd May 2008, 7:00

Two of Formula 1’s most respected journals are digitising their comprehensive back catalogues. Top annual F1 journal Autocourse, and early F1 magazine and authority Motorsport, are publishing electronic versions of their early editions.

F1 Racing vs Motorsport 26th March 2008, 21:00

I renewed my subscription to F1 Racing at the start of the year but soon after I started to wonder if I’d made the wrong decision. Since its rival Motorsport left the Haymarket stable, started covering contemporary F1 again, and poached two of the stars from Haymarket’s weekly Autosport (Damien Smith and Nigel Roebuck), I’ve […]

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