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Rosberg excited by traction control ban 30th August 2007, 14:41

Five races to go until the traction control ban – assuming it isn’t jeopardised by the row over ECUs. We’re going to see more spins next year, according to Nico Rosberg: It’s going to be exciting. I tried it recently and it was quite shocking actually. In the difficulty sense it is not ideal – […]

Raikkonen: “I was bored” 26th August 2007, 15:59

Kimi Raikkonen has stated an inconvenient truth. And no, he hasn’t been complaining about global warming. After finishing second for the second race in a row the Finn had this to say: At this stage in F1 is difficult to get past. The race was really decided yesterday. It is boring driving behind other cars. […]

New row over McLaren ECUs 25th August 2007, 18:19

F1 team bosses are split over the new Electronic Control Units set to be introduced into F1 next year.

Top ten… Corners in Formula 1 23rd August 2007, 11:00

It’s Istanbul next and that means the drivers once again get to grapple with the best new corner on the F1 calendar. It may have a rubbish name but turn eight on the Istanbul course is a brilliant bend. Hermann Tilke may have cursed many tracks with some tedious turns but he’s also created some […]

Spa acts to stop corner-cutting 16th August 2007, 19:50

Earlier this week I wrote about the problems Spa-Francorchamps were having stopping drivers from cutting corners on its revised track. Happily now the track has installed strips of grass between the track and the run-off at the new chicane in an attempt to stop drivers cutting it. They will be tested out at this weekend’s […]

Debate: More street tracks good for F1?

Next year’s F1 calendar will include three street circuits – the most since the 1991 calendar took in Monte-Carlo, Adelaide and Pheonix. Are you glad to see F1 bringing the show right into the hearts of major cities? Or are street tracks slow and potentially unsafe gimmicks that belong in Champ Car and the Indy […]

Boring races 14th August 2007, 7:00

Top F1 pundit Peter Windsor recently wrote this in response to a question on how he would improve F1: I would change nothing. I think F1 is fantastic as it is. If you want to watch a million meaningless overtaking manoeuvres and lots of shunts go and watch NASCAR or bikes or IRL or something. […]

The Ben Evans Column: Rant 25th July 2007, 7:00

Maybe its because of my bad run of results in Formula Vee, or maybe its because, Canada and Europe excepted, Formula One is rather boring this year, but I have spent the past couple of weeks feeling unusually indifferent towards motor racing. I think partly its because once I start feeling a bit down towards […]

Video: F1 tests at revised Spa 12th July 2007, 13:30

Here’s four videos of F1 cars returning to action on the beautiful Spa-Francorchamps circuit for the first time since 2005. The new track features revised corners at bus stop and La Source designed by the omnipresent Hermann Tilke. Happily one of the greatest corners at F1’s best circuit – Eau Rouge – has been left […]

Montoya, come home 9th July 2007, 16:00

Today marks one year since Juan Pablo Montoya abruptly called time on his F1 career and returned to the United States to race in NASCAR. He scored his first victory in the Nextel Cup last month, underlining his talent and versatility as a driver. Few modern drivers have a CV to rival Montoya’s, with victories […]

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