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‘We always prefer to test with race drivers’ – Horner 21st June 2013, 15:59

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner reacted to the FIA’s punishment of Mercedes by pointing out that teams prefer having the opportunity to use their race drivers in tests.

Mercedes accepts FIA decision and will not appeal

Mercedes say they will not appeal against the International Tribunal’s verdict on the test it conducted in May.

FIA to “strengthen” controls on testing

The FIA has pledged to “strengthen” how it regulates testing in Formula One following Mercedes’ punishment for conducting a test with Pirelli ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Mercedes-Pirelli tyre test row timeline

Here is how the events unfolded which led to Mercedes and Pirelli being found guilty of breaking the rules by holding a secret tyre test.

Mercedes “had no reason to believe” test was illegal

The FIA International Tribunal ruled Mercedes “had no reason to believe that approval had not been given” by the FIA for their three-day tyre test for Pirelli.

Mercedes banned from Young Drivers’ Test by FIA

An FIA Tribunal has banned Mercedes from participating in this year’s Young Drivers’ Test for conducting a three-day test ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Will Mercedes escape sanction at FIA Tribunal? 18th June 2013, 12:15

An FIA Tribunal will convene in two days’ time to rule on Mercedes’ controversial test. Here’s what they’ll consider and what penalties they could impose if Mercedes are found guilty.

Montezemolo keen for Mercedes “prosecution” 11th June 2013, 13:15

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo hopes the FIA will prosecute Mercedes for carrying out a three-day test for Pirelli.

Mercedes test hearing set for June 20th 10th June 2013, 16:55

Mercedes will learn their fate in the FIA’s International Tribunal hearing on June 20th.

Brawn says it was his decision to do test 7th June 2013, 22:14

Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn admitted it was his decision to do the three-day test for Pirelli which his team are under investigation for by the FIA.

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