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Teams considering new kinds of cockpit protection 22nd July 2011, 18:15

A fully enclosed cockpit is among three solutions being considered to improve driver protection.

How hard was Massa hit? 28th July 2009, 18:31

The stories of Massa’s accident three days have been everywhere. But how much do we really understand about how hard a blow Massa suffered when he was struck by that spring? F1 Fanatic guest writer Kareem Shaya tries to put the crash into perspective. In all the discussion of Felipe Massa’s qualifying accident at the […]

Why F1 will be better without refuelling 3rd May 2009, 1:05

In October 1993 the first meeting of the FIA World Motor Sports Council announced that refuelling would be re-introduced into F1 for the 1994 season. Earlier this week the same body confirmed refuelling will be banned in 2010 – leading to a mixed reaction from fans. I’ve been surprised how many comments have been posted […]

Lessons for F1 in NASCAR’s horror crash 1st May 2009, 9:00

Carl Edwards’ crash in the closing stages of last weekend’s NASCAR race at Talladega has sparked debate among racing fans: Was this just a freak accident in a championship that engineers crashes for the entertainment of its fans – or are there lessons here for Formula 1 too?

Soft tyre rule: exciting or artificial? (Poll) 17th April 2009, 12:00

This weekend the drivers will once again have to cope with the ??super soft? tyre. It made for interesting racing in Australia ?ǣ but should F1 be resorting to gimmicks like forcing drivers to use un-competitive tyres?

The new safety car rules are an improvement but could still go wrong 27th January 2009, 19:41

The final 2009 F1 rules published by the FIA a few weeks ago revealed that the much-derided ??pit lane closure? rule, which ruined several drivers’ races in 2007 and 2008, is finally being dropped. But today the it has revealed that instead of returning to the pre-2007 safety car rules, drives (and fans) will have […]

Drivers will not get penalties for pitting during a safety car period in 2009 16th January 2009, 0:01

Alianora la Canta’s rigorous analysis of the 2009 sporting rules turned up a surprising and un-announced change. The ‘pit lane closure’ rule has been dropped. The controversial rule required the pit lane to be declared closed at the beginning of a safety car period, and any driver who pitted during that time received a penalty. […]

The state of Formula 1 in 2008 28th December 2008, 13:24

The 2008 Formula 1 season ended on a high on the track – but the shock withdrawal of Honda was a sting in the tail. With 2009 almost upon us it’s time to take stock of F1’s position as one season ends and a new year begins: the quality of the competition, the future of […]

The cost cutting plans: tyre warmers ban 12th December 2008, 19:16

One of the surprising changes to be announced by the FIA and FOTA was the ban on tyre warmers from the beginning of 2010. These were originally going to be banned for 2009, but the change was dropped following objections from drivers. Why are they now slated to be banned again?

F1 2009: 10 questions for the off-season 5th November 2008, 9:00

As the 2008 F1 season ends on a high we now look forward to what should be one of the most fascinating off-seasons for many years. With radical changes to the technical rules, fraught political tension between the rule-makers and the teams, and two holes suddenly appearing in the calendar, these are the questions that […]

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