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How Formula 1 can improve safety following the Heikki Kovalainen crash 30th April 2008, 20:08

Heikki Kovalainen’s crash in the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday was another major escape for F1. It came less than twelve months after Robert Kubica survived an accident of immense violence in last year’s Canadian Grand Prix. (See here for video of the Kovalainen crash). Although the lightness of the injuries to both drivers is […]

2010 F1 calendar may have 5 night GPs 26th March 2008, 13:00

If Bernie Ecclestone gets his way (and how often does that not happen?) five Formula 1 Grands Prix will be held under floodlights by 2010 – which by then will probably be a quarter of the calendar. It’s an ambitious target given that the first F1 night Grand Prix at Singapore hasn’t even been held […]

Two good reasons to ban refuelling 25th March 2008, 7:13

Two areas of the F1 rules have come in for criticism following the Australian and Malaysian Grand Prix. The qualifying format is under fire following the incident involving Heikki Kovalainen and Lewis Hamilton in Sepang. And the safety car rules are being examined after several drivers were disadvantaged by them in Melbourne. Happily, both these […]

2008: The new rules 25th February 2008, 11:00

Several major changes to the rules this year have attracted a lot of attention – the traction control ban, four-race gearboxes, and changes to qualifying. Which change are going to have the biggest impact on F1 this year? Here’s a quick look at some of the rules changes for 2008.

Imagining ‘Formula X’ 31st December 2007, 7:00

Has Formula one lost sight of its purpose to be the ultimate form of motor racing with cars at the absolute cutting edge of technology? The FIA’s recent plans to reduce teams’ use of wind tunnels is just the latest in a long line of steps taken to reduce the development of Formula 1 cars. […]

David Coulthard: “This is another Senna situation” 12th December 2007, 7:00

David Coulthard is worried about the planned ban on tyre warmers for the 2009 season: The tyres are operating in a very different temperature range, and we are talking about some cars with 20psi and others that have just 14psi. This is another Senna situation. Does he have justified cause for alarm?

The Ben Evans Column: Taking safety seriously 23rd November 2007, 9:00

I recently picked up a copy of Nigel Roebuck?s Inside Formula 1, a collection of his columns from the 1980s. He sticks to his usual themes: Villeneuve, Smoking, Villeneuve, evil left-wing politicians and Villeneuve. But as ever it?s worth keeping with it for the nuggets of pure gold. In particular I was drawn to his […]

Traction control ban: Better races, less safe, more controversy? 22nd November 2007, 9:00

It’s been interesting to see how the drivers and teams reacted to last week’s test at which most (if not all) the teams tried running the cars with the standard electronic control unit for 2008 installed and the removal of traction control. Questions have been raised over safety and how hard it will be to […]

F1 teams to test slick tyres for possible 2009 return 21st November 2007, 16:26

Formula 1 teams will conduct a four-day test on slick tyres in December at Jerez with a view to their re-introduction in 2009. Slick tyres were banned in F1 after the 1997 season as the FIA tried to constrain escalating cornering speeds by imposing the use of grooved tyres. Jerez is the last circuit at […]

F1 07 review: Year in debates p3/3 15th November 2007, 9:00

The final selection of great debates from the 2007 season is below. Read from a selection of hundreds of comments including thoughts on where Alonso will be next year, whether the best man won the title, and whether scandal ruined the 2007 championship.

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