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Will F1’s UK audience recover from its 2012 slump? 13th March 2013, 9:30

The Sky/BBC deal ended five years of growth in F1 TV audiences last year. Is this a one-off drop or the start of a damaging trend?

Sky to raise F1 channel cost and offer cut-price stream 7th March 2013, 16:11

The cost of watching F1 on Sky in the UK will rise to ??510 per season next month but Sky is planning to offer cut-price on-demand access to the channel.

Is 3D or Ultra HD the future of F1 broadcasting? 1st March 2013, 13:38

F1 testing is being shown in 3D for the first time. Is the technology the future of F1 television coverage?

Sky to show final pre-season test in 3D 6th February 2013, 9:11

Sky have announced they will show the final pre-season test of 2013 live and in 3D.

UK F1 television audience falls after BBC/Sky deal 6th September 2012, 18:21

A detailed look at how the UK F1 television audience has fallen in 2012 after the BBC/Sky deal moved half the live race broadcasts off free-to-air television.

UK TV audience falls by one million at Sky’s first F1 race 22nd March 2012, 11:47

Viewing figures from the first race weekend of 2012 shows a fall of over a million viewers in the UK.

Ben Edwards to join BBC commentary team 13th December 2011, 17:34

Ben Edwards will commentate on F1 for the BBC in 2012, according to the presenter.

Brundle joined by Croft and Davidson at Sky 7th December 2011, 9:51

David Croft and Martin Brundle will share commentary duties during Sky’s Formula 1 coverage in 2012.

BBC reveal free-to-air live F1 races for 2012 25th November 2011, 16:18

The BBC has confirmed which races will be shown free-to-air in the UK in 2012.

Sky launch dedicated UK F1 channel

Sky has launched a new channel for its Formula 1 coverage in the UK 2012.

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