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Live: Bahrain GP2 feature race 5th April 2014, 11:05

Follow the 2014 Bahrain GP2 feature race on F1 Fanatic Live.

F1 teams’ junior drivers to battle for 2014 GP2 title 3rd April 2014, 12:30

Junior drivers from five F1 teams including Ferrari and McLaren will compete for the GP2 championship starting in Bahrain this weekend.

Force India announces GP2 team tie-up 7th February 2014, 13:09

Force India are to join forces with GP2 team Hilmer Motorsport to help promote new driving talent.

Live: 2013 GP2 Abu Dhabi Sprint Race 3rd November 2013, 9:10

Follow the 2013 GP2 Abu Dhabi Sprint Race on F1 Fanatic Live.

Live: 2013 GP2 Abu Dhabi Feature Race 2nd November 2013, 8:09

Follow the 2013 GP2 Abu Dhabi Feature Race on F1 Fanatic Live.

Eleven drivers in GP2 and GP3 Abu Dhabi showdowns 30th October 2013, 9:30

For the first time ever both the GP2 and GP3 championship titles will be decided after the F1 drivers’ championship. And it will happen this weekend in Abu Dhabi.

Bird and Coletti take wins amid Monaco carnage 25th May 2013, 19:45

Sam Bird and Stefano Coletti did the winning in Monaco while Johnny Cecotto was thrown out of the weekend following a 14-car shunt in the first race.

Coletti retains lead after sharing wins with Frijns 12th May 2013, 12:35

Stefano Coletti went into the third round of the GP2 championship with a ten-point lead over Fabio Leimer. He left it with a much increased lead after several of his closest rivals hit trouble.

Coletti keeps points lead despite Leimer?s win 21st April 2013, 12:20

Fabio Leimer and Sam Bird shared the victories in the second round of the GP2 championship.

Coletti leads championship after opening round 26th March 2013, 9:12

Stefano Coletti missed out on victory from pole in race one but bounced back in race two to take the lead of the GP2 championship.