Superleague Formula articles on F1 Fanatic archive

Why you should watch… Superleague Formula 14th May 2010, 8:42

Racing cars in football drag? It’s a strange idea but Andy and LJH reckon it works. Here’s why.

Superleague Formula? No thanks 23rd February 2008, 16:40

Autosport have interviewed the man behind Superleague Formula, Alex Andreu, who’s unsurprisingly confident about the prospects for his motor racing-cum-football league championship, due to get the green light/kick off at Donington Park later this year. Andreu said: We did some research, and then we went to the top football clubs in Europe – Juventus, FC […]

Premier 1 GP v2.0 3rd April 2007, 19:39

No, it’s not a late April Fool. Someone has dragged up the ‘motor racing-meets-football idea’ again. It was last heard of when a group of investors came up with the desperately naff ‘Premier 1 GP’ concept in the early ’00s. The ‘Superleague Formula’ proposes a 20 car series of single seater cars backed by football […]

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