2009 F1 season articles on F1 Fanatic archive

2010 F1 cars technical analysis (Part 2) 28th February 2010, 14:25

F1 Fanatic’s technical expert John Beamer continues his look at the 2010 F1 car designs. The 2010 F1 testing schedule seems shorter than ever. With just 15 days of running across four tests it doesn’t take much to upset a team’s tightly packed schedule. Throw in heavy rain and the testing scheme goes out of […]

Kobayashi-on-Button voted best overtaking move of 2009 1st January 2010, 7:00

The pass that made a star of Kamui Kobayashi has been voted the best overtaking move of 2009 by F1 Fanatic readers. The vote to find the best pass of 2009 was closely fought and attracted over 2,000 votes – along with some heated debate.

Malaysian washout was 09’s dearest race 28th December 2009, 23:43

The organisers of the Malaysian Grand Prix paid the highest fee going to hold an F1 race in 2009 – but they only got half a race for it. The Sepang circuit’s race cost them $45.7m (??28.56m / ??31.75m) to host this year. But the Grand Prix was abandoned after 31 of the scheduled 56 […]

F1 Fanatic’s highlights of 2009 26th December 2009, 7:00

I’ve trawled through the F1 Fanatic archive for 2009 and picked out a selection of my favourite articles of the year. Here’s my choice of over 60 exclusive interviews, great guest pieces, memorable arguments and other highlights from the site this year.

Vote for the best pass of 2009 24th December 2009, 7:00

Who pulled off the best overtaking move of 2009? These top ten choices have been whittled down from dozens of suggestions made by F1 Fanatic readers. If you’re mind’s already made up cast your vote now, or see below for the best arguments in favour of each of them and videos of the passes.

What was the best pass of 2009? (Video) 21st December 2009, 15:30

Overtaking in F1 is a hotly-debated subject – particularly the view that we haven’t seen much of it this year. That isn’t necessarily the case. The video above compiles a selection of the best passes of 2009 – and there were more besides that don’t feature on there. But which driver made the best overtaking […]

Massa completes F2007 test 16th December 2009, 17:26

Felipe Massa had a final fling in a Ferrari today in what must surely be the last F1 action of 2009. He polished off another 60 laps in an F2007, concluding his two days in action at Mugello. The pictures below show how much his eye injury has healed – afterwards he talked about having […]

2009 F1 predictions – how did we do? 15th December 2009, 23:00

At the beginning of the year I summoned up the full extent of my F1 geekery and used it to peer into the mists of time and calculate what would happen in the season ahead. Maybe I would have been better off with a crystal ball and a Ouija board. Here’s the 15 predictions I […]

F1 2009 coming to iPhone 11th December 2009, 13:41

Codemasters are releasing a version of their official 2009 F1 game for the Apple iPhone next week. It will feature all the teams and tracks from the 2009 F1 season, and 20 drivers. Players will be able to race in ‘time trial’ and ‘endurance’ modes. In ‘time trial’ the challenge is to set the best […]

F1 2009 DVD “Not in a hurry” reviewed 10th December 2009, 0:06

F1 season review DVDs just keep getting longer. The 2009 edition – weakly titled “Not in a hurry” – clocks in at more than four-and-a-half hours including extras. The tightly-regulated broadcasting of Formula 1 means this is the only way you can buy video footage of Jenson Button’s championship victory and all the other highlights […]

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