2009 F1 season articles on F1 Fanatic archive

F1 2009: Memorable moments (Part 1) 23rd November 2009, 7:00

Starting today we review the highlights of 2009 as nominated by you. We begin with your low points of the season and tomorrow we’ll take a look at the best bits of 2009.

F1 2009: The year in stats (Part 2) 16th November 2009, 7:00

The final part of our look at the 2009 F1 season in numbers will shed some more light on which were the best-performing drivers, and looks at how 2009 compared to other F1 seasons. Plus there’s a recap of all the major records broken in 2009 – from the youngest ever F1 driver to the […]

Alonso gets stuck in gravel trap in first Ferrari appearance (Pictures & video) 15th November 2009, 17:56

The first public appearance at Ferrari for Fernando Alonso didn’t go entirely according to plan. The Spanish champion got stuck in a gravel trap while he and future team mate Felipe Massa were being driven around the Valencia circuit in a Ferrari California by Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo. They’d been trying to get as […]

F1 2009: The year in stats (Part 1)

Next week’s installment of the F1 Fanatic post-season review will include the driver rankings, which I’m writing at the moment (and keeping a close eye on your suggestions in the forum). To help me work out who’s done the best job this year I’ve compiled some statistics on the drivers’ performances in 2009. Who was […]

F1 2009: Which races did you go to? 13th November 2009, 7:00

Yesterday we looked back on another F1 season packed with live blogging fun. But the one thing better than seeing F1 on TV is being there are the track. Tell us about the races you went to this year.

F1 2009: Race-by-race 12th November 2009, 13:00

We’ve followed every minute of every session on the F1 Fanatic live blogs this season. Here’s a look back at the story of the 2009 F1 season as told by you – with your comments from the most exciting moments in each race of the season:

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix technical analysis – and a look ahead to 2010

F1 Fanatic guest writer John Beamer examines the technical updates from Abu Dhabi and gives his early thoughts on the major changes for 2010. As evident from my recent musings on the technical side of F1 every team has focused its development resources on 2010. Suffice to say there is little to report from Yas […]

F1 2009: Year of controversy (Part 2) 11th November 2009, 13:00

It was the year F1 almost split in two: the summer of 2009 was dominated by the row over budget caps. When the FIA and the teams finally reached an agreement on reducing costs it briefly seemed F1’s season of scandal might be over. But then came word of some extraordinary allegations from Nelson Piquet […]

Video: Williams F1 cars at Silverstone 10th November 2009, 23:32

Here’s a video from a Williams activity day for their sponsors which was held last month at Silverstone. Among the machinery on display was Keke Rosberg’s 1982 championship-winning Williams-Cosworth FW08B. Appropriately, Williams will be using Cosworth power once again next year, though Keke’s son Nico will not be driving for the team any more. Nico […]

F1 2009: Year of controversy (Part 1)

Formula 1 seems to have become incapable of getting through a season without some kind of scandal. But even after 2007’s spying investigations and the Mosley scandal last year, somehow 2009 even manage to trump these for controversy. Here’s the first of a two-part look back at the controversies that spoiled the F1 season.

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