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Backmarkers to struggle in qualifying as FIA revives 107% rule for 2011 23rd June 2010, 13:58

The FIA has announced it will bring back the ‘107% rule’ in 2011. From next year drivers whose best times are more than 7% slower than the fastest time set in the first part of qualifying will not be allowed to start the race.

Adjustable rear wings confirmed for 2011 – but only for overtaking

F1 cars will get adjustable rear wings in 2011 – but drivers will only be allowed to use them to overtake the car in front.

FOTA consider new 2011 downforce cuts 13th April 2010, 12:37

The Formula One Teams’ Association is considering further restrictions on how much downforce F1 cars can generate as the 2010 cars are already producing almost as much downforce as they were in 2008. The changes introduced last year at the urging of the Overtaking Working Group have not succeeding in reducing downforce levels. FOTA is […]

F1 needs a tyre supplier for 2011 – and a new tyre war isn’t the answer 16th February 2010, 10:41

F1 needs a tyre supplier for 2011 and a return to the tyre war isn’t the answer. A new tyre supplier – or a new deal with the old one – is.

F1 Commission agrees new 2010 points and double diffuser ban for 2011 2nd February 2010, 10:34

The F1 Commission has agreed on a second new points system for F1, amending the proposal they made in December. A win will still be worth 25 points and the value of a second place finish has been slightly reduced – but the value of other lower-placed finished has been increased. The Commission has also […]

Double diffusers ‘banned for 2011′ 22nd January 2010, 11:46

F1 will ban double diffusers in 2011 according to Autosport. The controversial diffusers were ruled legal after last year’s Chinese Grand Prix, forcing several teams to re-design their cars. They allowed teams to claw back much of the downforce they had lost because of changes to the rules in 2009. They were also blamed for […]

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