2013 F1 rules articles on F1 Fanatic archive

FIA publishes new F1 rules for 2013 and 2014 11th December 2012, 20:17

The FIA has finalised the changes to the F1 regulations for the 2013 season and updated its planned rules for 2014.

New front wing tests and DRS rules tweak for 2013 5th December 2012, 14:41

The FIA has confirmed a series of changes to the F1 rules for the 2013 season.

Two DRS zones per track necessary for 2013 – Lowe 21st November 2012, 11:51

McLaren technical director Paddy Lowe says all F1 tracks will need two DRS zones next year to ensure the device remains effective.

FIA rubber-stamps 2014 engine rules 29th June 2011, 22:33

The FIA has formally approved the switch to V6 turbo engines in 2014.

FIA could postpone 2013 F1 engine rules 3rd June 2011, 15:47

The FIA may delay the introduce of four-cylinder 1.6-litre engines in F1 beyond 2013.

Ecclestone “anti, anti, anti, anti” 2013 engine rules 17th March 2011, 18:41

Ecclestone says he’s “anti, anti, anti, anti moving into this small turbo four formula” in 2013.

FIA confirms 1.6-litre engines for 2013 10th December 2010, 15:02

The FIA has confirmed a reduction in F1 engine capacity for 2013.

F1 set for four-cylinder turbo engines in 2013 4th December 2010, 12:32

Turbocharged, four-cylinder 1.6-litre engines will be used from the 2013 season.

Turbos and ground effect “back in 2013″ 3rd September 2010, 14:57

F1’s new technical rules for 2013 will include a return to turbo engines and ground effect aerodynamics, according to Autosport. The two technologies, which were hallmarks of F1 racing in the late seventies and eighties, will be revived in an effort to make F1 racing more exciting for fans and more relevant for car manufacturers. […]

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