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Banned! Six-wheelers 1st March 2007, 12:00

Complete the following sentence: Formula 1 cars need more ______ . Power? Drag? Advertising space? No – F1 cars need more wheels. Six of them, to be precise. At least four different teams experimented with the idea within a few years of each other, and they succeeded in producing some of the most hideous F1 […]

Banned! Brabham-Alfa Romeo BT46B ‘Fan Car’ 22nd February 2007, 9:00

The 1970s was the decade of outrageous innovation that produced some of the most unusual cars ever to grace a racing circuit. Many were hideous failures that disappeared into obscurity. But Brabham’s ‘Fan Car’ did somewhat better, achieving a 100% victory rate. Which is to say it won one race, and then it was banned…

Banned! Rocket fuel 15th February 2007, 9:00

Today’s Renault team boasts back to back double championship successes. But in their original incarnation they were caught out by a technical innovation from BMW that cost them what would have been their first championship. What was BMW’s secret? An ultra-potent fuel that unleashed prodigious power from their turbo engines. Rumours insisted this special brew […]

Banned! – Beryllium 8th February 2007, 9:00

The banning of Renault’s mass dampers last year and the Michelin tyres in 2003 generated substantial press interest and controversy. In contrast the banning of beryllium and its alloys from F1 cars and, in particular, their engines did not.

Banned! Lotus-Cosworth 88 & 88B 1st February 2007, 9:00

Continuing our series on technologies that have been banned from F1, this week we look at a rare example of an entire car that was banned before it could even race. Colin Chapman’s Lotus 88 was a victim of fraught political tensions at a time when the governing body and the British team were at […]

Banned! – Flexi-wings 25th January 2007, 9:00

Formula One is the pinnacle of motor racing, right? The fastest and most advanced racing cars in the world. That may be true, but you wonder how much faster the cars would be if it weren’t for the rafts of innovations that have been banned over the years. In in a new series we look […]

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