Caption competition articles on F1 Fanatic archive

Caption Competition 57: Lauda and Wolff 16th August 2014, 11:17

Add your funniest suggestion for a caption to this picture of Niki Lauda and Toto Wolff.

Caption Competition 56: Caterham 9th August 2014, 11:45

Caterham’s new drivers haven’t been able to score the team’s first point yet – so the team now has new owners. Add your best caption suggestion here.

Caption Competition 55: Mexico 2nd August 2014, 11:11

Formula One is finally heading back to Mexico, which provides the theme for today’s Caption Competition.

Caption Competition 54: Kimi Raikkonen 12th July 2014, 11:00

Kimi Raikkonen tries out the latest in virtual reality headgear. Add your funniest caption for this picture.

Caption Competition 53: Pastor Maldonado 14th June 2014, 11:00

Pastor Maldonado is the latest subject of our Caption Competition. Add your funniest caption in the comments.

Caption Competition 52: Nico Rosberg 31st May 2014, 11:00

Monaco Grand Prix winner Nico Rosberg features in our latest Caption Competition.

Caption Competition 51: Ferrari bosses 17th May 2014, 12:00

How did Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo rally his troops in Spain? Submit your funniest suggestion for this week’s caption competition.

Caption Competition 50: Sebastian Vettel 3rd May 2014, 11:45

Sebastian Vettel tried his hand at calligraphy during the Chinese Grand Prix weekend. How did he get on? Submit your funniest caption suggestion here.

Caption Competition 49: Hamilton and Alonso 26th April 2014, 11:00

What did Lewis Hamilton have to say to Fernando Alonso on the podium at the Chinese Grand Prix? Post your funniest caption suggestion.

Caption Competition 48: Kimi Raikkonen 12th April 2014, 11:00

Kimi Raikkonen appears to have left something in the cockpit of his Ferrari – but what? That’s for you to work out in today’s Caption Compeition.

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