Caption competition articles on F1 Fanatic archive

Caption Competition 40: Hamilton, Raikkonen and Vettel 7th December 2013, 10:30

What’s being said between this trio of 2013 race-winners? It’s up to you to decide in our latest Caption Competition.

Caption Competition 39: Mark Webber special 30th November 2013, 15:35

The last of our three Mark Webber Caption Competition specials brings us up to his last race weekend at Interlagos.

Caption Competition 38: Mark Webber special

Our second Mark Webber Caption Competition is a blast from the past which takes us back to his Williams days.

Caption Competition 37: Mark Webber special

As Mark Webber says goodbye to Formula One here’s the first in a trio of Caption Competitions featuring Red Bull’s race-winner.

Caption Competition 36: Massa and Smedley 29th September 2013, 11:08

Felipe Massa, who is counting down his final half-dozen races as a Ferrari driver, is the subject of our latest Caption Competition.

Caption Competition 35: Fernando Alonso 3rd August 2013, 10:30

Here’s Fernando Alonso having fun with science in the run-up to the German Grand Prix. Can you think up a witty caption for this picture?

Caption Competition 34: Raikkonen and Vettel

Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel feature in this week’s Caption Competition.

Caption Competition 33: Ecclestone and Hembery 20th July 2013, 10:30

What have F1 ringmaster Bernie Ecclestone and Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery been chatting about? That’s for you to decide.

Caption Competition 32: Hamilton and Moss 15th June 2013, 11:00

Submit your best caption suggestion for this picture of Stirling Moss and Lewis Hamilton.

Caption Competition 31: Pirelli and Mercedes 1st June 2013, 11:15

Mercedes are in hot water after their rivals discovered they conducted a 1,000km tyre test for Pirelli in secret ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix.