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Changing tracks: Red Bull Ring 16th June 2014, 11:52

The Red Bull Ring was one of the first F1 tracks to be redesigned by Hermann Tilke, back in 1997. Before that it was F1’s fastest track: here’s how it changed.

Changing tracks: Interlagos 1st November 2010, 18:38

Once almost eight kilometres long with a two-and-a-half-minute lap, Interlagos has been halved in length since holding its first world championship race in 1973.

Changing tracks: Suzuka 6th October 2010, 12:57

Suzuka Circuit is little different today from the version first used for the Japanese Grand Prix in 1987. Here’s how it’s chnged since then.

Changing tracks: Monza 9th September 2010, 15:50

The layout used today is very similar to that which Giuseppe Farina won the first world championship on 60 years ago. But even with three slow chicanes installed today’s cars will lap it at an average of 250kph (155mph) – 75kph quicker than they did in Farina’s time.

Changing tracks: Spa-Francorchamps 25th August 2010, 7:00

Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium is one of four tracks on the current Formula 1 calendar which also featured in the first world championship in 1950. Here’s how it’s changed since then.

Changing tracks: Hungaroring 28th July 2010, 22:08

This year sees the 25th F1 race at the Hungaroring. When the track was first built it was derided for being slow, boring and lacking opportunities for overtaking. But as track designs have become ever less varied, has the time come to re-appraise the popular view of the Hungaroring as one of the worst tracks […]

Changing tracks: Hockenheimring 22nd July 2010, 19:00

The Hockenheimring used to be one of the fastest tracks on the calendar, where F1 cars would blast through the forests at over 360kph. But that all changed in 2002.

Changing tracks: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve 11th June 2010, 7:00

After 30 F1 races the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is now one of the most popular venues. Here’s how the track has changed since its first race in 1978.

Changing tracks: Monte-Carlo 14th May 2010, 17:00

Monaco has the longest unbroken run of years as a Grand Prix venue – having held an F1 race every year since 1955. Much of the track remains the same, but there have been changes in recent years – some of which were criticised for diminishing the challenge of this unique venue.

Changing tracks: Circuit de Catalunya 3rd May 2010, 9:04

Formula 1 holds its 20th race at the Circuit de Catalunya this weekend. The track has changed little in that time. But after only three years one corner which several drivers called the best on the track was cut. More recently two other fast corners have been neutered by the introduction of a chicane. The […]

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