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Button’s complaint shows we need more team radio 7th May 2013, 11:00

Jenson Button is unhappy his team radio discussions were broadcast on television – which goes to show we need more of them.

The pay driver debate needs to move on 15th February 2013, 9:10

In professional sport the viewing public expect the competitors to be the best in their discipline. That this doesn’t happen in F1 shows something is wrong.

Fewer races and more testing? No thanks, Alonso 18th January 2013, 11:10

Fernando Alonso may not consider himself ??political??, but that doesn?t stop him from toeing the Ferrari party line on testing.

Why Ferrari would do better with “two roosters” 23rd October 2012, 10:00

Luca di Montezemolo says he doesn’t want two number one drivers at Ferrari. Here’s why he should reconsider.

Schumacher’s second swansong will be his last 4th October 2012, 15:09

Schumacher’s decision to return to retirement is a sensible one, even though he has shown marked improvement in the third year of his comeback.

F1 finally cracks down on track limits abuse 25th July 2012, 9:25

The FIA appears to have finally woken up to the necessity of preventing drivers overtaking rivals by going off the track.

2002 to 2012: Ten ways F1 has improved in ten years 14th June 2012, 12:41

Bin those rose-tinted glasses: Ten years ago we had a one-sided championship, dreary races and a shrinking grid. Here’s how F1 has improved since then.

McLaren’s mistake costs Hamilton too dearly 13th May 2012, 9:19

Hamilton paid too high a price for yet another blunder by McLaren in the pits during qualifying in Spain.

F1 should fix flawed rules before changing tyres 27th April 2012, 11:52

F1 should fix its flawed tyre rules instead of making knee-jerk changes to Pirelli’s tyres – which are giving us great races.

F1 handed Bahrain more than just a propaganda victory 25th April 2012, 13:05

F1 gave the Bahrain regime a propaganda victory from the moment they arrived until they left the circuit, passing banners bearing the legend “UniF1ed – we did it!”