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2015 mid-season F1 driver rankings part three: 5-1 7th August 2015, 12:11

Concluding the mid-season driver rankings, here are the top five F1 drivers of 2015 so far.

2015 mid-season F1 driver rankings part two: 12-6 6th August 2015, 12:13

Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg and Max Verstappen feature in part two of the mid-season 2015 driver rankings.

2015 mid-season F1 driver rankings part one: 20-13 5th August 2015, 12:30

In the ten years since the F1 Fanatic Driver Rankings began there’s probably never been a trickier season to place the competitors in order.

2014 F1 Driver Rankings #1: Daniel Ricciardo 18th December 2014, 12:08

Ricciardo consistently qualified strongly, raced even better, and made very few mistakes. And he emphatically beat his four-times world champion team mate.

2014 F1 Driver Rankings #2: Fernando Alonso

It’s doubtful Fernando Alonso could have done much better in a car which was rarely capable of reaching the podium, let alone winning races.

2014 F1 Driver Rankings #3: Lewis Hamilton 17th December 2014, 12:00

Did the right man win the championship? Absolutely. But Lewis Hamilton only comes in third place in this year’s driver rankings.

2014 F1 Driver Rankings #4: Valtteri Bottas 16th December 2014, 12:00

Valtteri Bottas finished fourth in the championship following an outstanding second year in the Williams.

2014 F1 Driver Rankings #5: Nico Rosberg 15th December 2014, 17:10

Here’s why championship runner-up Nico Rosberg takes the fifth spot in the end-of-season rankings.

2014 F1 season review: Driver rankings 10-6 12th December 2014, 12:55

Who’s in the bottom half of the top ten drivers of 2014? Find out here.

2014 F1 season review: Driver rankings 15-11 10th December 2014, 15:30

As we continue to count down the F1 Fanatic Driver Rankings for 2015, here are the five drivers just outside the top ten.

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