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2013 F1 season driver rankings part two: 16-11 14th December 2013, 11:00

The F1 Fanatic driver rankings continues with part two.

2013 F1 season driver rankings part one: 22-17 13th December 2013, 17:49

Who were the best drivers of 2013? The annual F1 Fanatic Driver Rankings begin here.

2013 F1 season half-term driver rankings: 5-1 16th August 2013, 12:48

In the final part of the mid-season rankings, here are the top five drivers of the year so far.

2013 F1 season half-term driver rankings: 10-6 14th August 2013, 13:28

The second part of the 2013 half-term driver rankings features the drivers in the lower half of the top ten.

2013 F1 season half-term driver rankings: 22-11 13th August 2013, 11:32

How well are the 22 drivers in this year’s F1 field performing? Part one of this feature looks at the lower half of the list.

2012 F1 Driver Rankings #1: Fernando Alonso 14th December 2012, 11:59

With a car that was rarely the quickest, Alonso came within four points of clinching the drivers’ title. Here’s why he is F1 Fanatic’s driver of the year.

2012 F1 Driver Rankings #2: Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton was back to his best in 2012 and there is every reason to believe he’d have been in the thick of the championship contest had his car and team performed better.

2012 F1 Driver Rankings #3: Sebastian Vettel 13th December 2012, 13:01

Sebastian Vettel had to fight hard for his third world championship victory which he clinched after a superb run of finishes late in the season.

2012 F1 Driver Rankings #4: Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen’s highly anticipated Formula One comeback in 2012 proved a success and included a return to the top of the podium

2012 F1 Driver Rankings #5: Nico Hulkenberg 12th December 2012, 13:37

In a year characterised by an extremely close field, challenging tyre compounds and several hectic races, Nico Hulkenberg had a quietly impressive season.

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