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Name these 20 drivers of 2000-2010 in the new F1 Fanatic Quiz 12th August 2015, 12:30

F1 Fanatic has a brand new quiz to test your knowledge of the 2000 to 2010 F1 seasons.

Take the new F1 Fanatic Kimi Raikkonen Quiz 10th July 2015, 12:00

Kimi Raikkonen is the most popular driver on F1 Fanatic and was also chosen as the top driver in a recent GPDA poll. But how much do you know about him?

Quiz: Name these F1 drivers who raced in IndyCar 28th April 2015, 12:30

Take a look at photographs of 20 Formula One drivers racing in IndyCar and see how many of them you can name.

Take the new F1 Fanatic Alain Prost quiz 24th February 2015, 11:50

Four-times world champion Alain Prost turns 60 today – and F1 Fanatic has a brand new quiz all about France’s most successful Formula One driver.

Take the F1 Fanatic Mark Webber quiz 1st December 2013, 15:01

Mark Webber has bowed out of Formula One after 215 races. How well do you remember his career? Take F1 Fanatic’s new quiz.

Take the F1 Fanatic Damon Hill quiz 17th September 2013, 10:00

Today is Damon Hill’s birthday and to mark it F1 Fanatic has a brand new quiz on the 1996 world champion.

Take the F1 Fanatic Italian Grand Prix quiz 31st August 2013, 11:00

The Italian Grand Prix is up next and F1 Fanatic has a brand new quiz on one of the most historic races in Formula One.

Take the F1 Fanatic Nelson Piquet quiz 17th August 2013, 12:00

Today is three-times world champion Nelson Piquet’s birthday and we’ve got a brand new quiz on his F1 career.

Take the F1 Fanatic Hungarian Grand Prix Quiz 22nd July 2013, 12:56

It’s the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend and F1 Fanatic has a brand new quiz to test your Formula One knowledge with.

Take the 2008 F1 season quiz by F1 Fanatic 13th June 2013, 11:44

The 2008 Formula One season saw a different champion crowned for the third year in a row. Test your knowledge of the season in this new quiz.

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