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Take the F1 Fanatic San Marino Grand Prix quiz 27th April 2013, 12:28

The European season used to begin with an annual trip to Imola for the San Marino Grand Prix. How good is your knowledge of this lost classic from the F1 calendar?

Take the F1 Fanatic Giancarlo Fisichella Quiz 6th April 2013, 12:12

It’s ten years since Giancarlo Fisichella scored his first F1 win. How well do you remember his career? Take this new quiz.

Take the new 2012 F1 season race-by-race quiz 24th December 2012, 10:14

This bonus quiz on the 2012 F1 season includes one question on every race of the year. Give it a go now and see how well you score.

Take F1 Fanatic’s 2012 Formula One season quiz 19th December 2012, 16:42

How well do you remember the season that’s just finished? Pit your wits against these 20 questions on the 2012 F1 season in five minutes.

500 F1 Fanatic Quiz questions to test your knowledge 12th December 2012, 15:41

F1 Fanatic’s Quizzes now include a total of 500 questions on different drivers, teams, races and more. Tackle them all here.

“No one remembers who finished second.” Or do they? Take the quiz 4th December 2012, 15:15

Is it true that “no one remembers who finishes second” in Formula One? Take these 20 questions and find out how good your F1 knowledge is.

Take the F1 Fanatic United States Grand Prix quiz 12th November 2012, 11:15

How well do you know this weekend’s Grand Prix? Put your knowledge to the test with this new quiz on F1 races in the USA.

Take the F1 Fanatic Japanese Grand Prix quiz 1st October 2012, 12:35

How much do you know about the Japanese Grand Prix? Put your knowledge to the test with this new quiz.

Take the F1 Fanatic Belgian Grand Prix quiz 24th August 2012, 12:00

Practice for the Belgian Grand Prix starts one week today so here’s a new quiz on one of F1’s most historic races.

Take the F1 Fanatic Nigel Mansell quiz 15th August 2012, 10:00

Tomorrow will mark the 20th anniversary of Nigel Mansell winning the world championship so we’ve honoured the moustachioed one with his very own F1 Fanatic Quiz.

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