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Red Bull expects Renault fixes “at last three races” 13th June 2015, 0:01

In the round-up: Red Bull expects long wait for Renault improvements • Baku will be ‘one of the most beautiful tracks’ • Ecclestone doubts EU compaint

F1 needs greater danger factor – Raikkonen 12th June 2015, 0:01

In the round-up: Raikkonen misses F1’s danger factor • Hulkenberg says more F1 drivers interested in Le Mans • Mansell criticises “false” DRS

Not up to Mercedes to solve F1’s problems – Lauda 11th June 2015, 0:01

In the round-up: Mercedes not responsible for ‘fixing F1′ • New Jersey race plan still in motion • One-stop races ‘bad for F1′

Fuel-saving in F1 ‘much greater than before’ 10th June 2015, 0:01

In the round-up: Fuel saving a much bigger part of F1 • McLaren and Honda avoiding Red Bull Renault-style row • Chilton considering IndyCar

Renault may quit if engine rules don’t change – Horner 9th June 2015, 0:01

In the round-up: Renault ‘may quit over rules’ • F1 needs simplifying – Marchionne • Button says McLaren won’t reach podium

Ferrari eager for refuelling despite opposition 8th June 2015, 1:39

In the round-up: Ferrari want refuelling, others don’t • Vettel ‘should have been smarter’ with Alonso • Engine maps caused Raikkonen spin

Richest teams ‘forcing smaller rivals out of F1′ 7th June 2015, 1:15

In the round-up: Smaller teams fear for their future • Button expecting penalties • Ricciardo frustrated by Red Bull problems

EU lawsuit threat from smaller teams ‘not going away’ 6th June 2015, 0:50

In the round-up: Smaller teams to bring EU case • Refuelling plan scrapped, tyre rules change in doubt • Wet running “unnecessary” – Hamilton

More F1 drivers will switch to WEC – Webber 5th June 2015, 0:01

In the round-up: Webber expects to see more F1 rivals in WEC • Sauber won’t get new Ferrari engine until Spa • Honda upgrade ‘not for performance’

Michelin not interested in ‘outdated’ 13-inch wheels 4th June 2015, 0:01

In the round-up: Michelin won’t supply 13-inch F1 wheels • McLaren could loan Magnussen • Ferrari rivals “up in arms” over wind tunnel dodge

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