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Brazilian Grand Prix 2005 Media Review 26th September 2005, 10:28

Before launching into this week’s media review, let us pause briefly to reflect on the magnitude of Fernando Alonso’s achievement: the youngest F1 champion ever, at just 24 years old, and the first from his country. A shame so few newspapers also paused to do him adequate justice. Unsurprisingly, the divide between the quality Formula […]

Belgian Grand Prix 2005 Media Review 12th September 2005, 10:22

To an F1 fan, a wet race at Spa is about as good as it gets. But Fleet Street are still in love with the cricket, and ITV’s coverage was just plain awful. All eyes are on The Guardian this week with its much-vaunted launch to a new not-quite-tabloid, not-quite-broadsheet Berliner format. F1 gets an […]

Italian Grand Prix 2005 Media Review 5th September 2005, 10:20

With the tabloids still revelling in thier new-found interest in cricket, Formula One is basically left to pick up the scraps. The Italian Grand Prix may have been significant for the championship chase, but it was still rather dull, which also explains its poor billing in the Monday ‘papers. David Tremayne in The Independent has […]

Turkish Grand Prix 2005 Media Review 22nd August 2005, 23:14

With sports editors whipping themselves into an orgasmic frenzy over the new football season, F1 coverage has become harder to find among the soccer detritus. Even a stonking race at a classy new venue cannot help it. This is not a phenomenon limited to the tabloids: Alan Henry’s piece in The Guardian languishes on page […]

Hungarian Grand Prix 2005 Media Review 1st August 2005, 23:10

There’s one sure-fire way to get Formula One splashed across the back pages of the nation’s newspapers: a good old-fashioned first corner shunt. Christian Klien obliged this time out, and the latest twist in the championship gave more cause for thought. Anyone looking to raise the international profile of Formula One could be forgiven for […]

German Grand Prix 2005 Media Review 25th July 2005, 23:07

The German Grand Prix was not a high point for F1 in 2005. The championship battle more or less fizzled out and yet another McLaren failure gifted Alonso an unchallenging victory. It’s little surprise to see the quality and size of newspapers coverage has fallen this week. You can’t really blame newspapers like The Independent […]

British Grand Prix 2005 Media Review 11th July 2005, 23:03

Jenson Button is the next Tim Henman as far as the British press are concerned. But that won’t stop Ferrari snapping him up. Don’t believe everything you read in the papers or, for that matter, in this week’s media review. Amid the frenzy of the British Grand Prix the tabloid heavyweights slugged it out in […]

French Grand Prix 2005 Media Review 4th July 2005, 19:17

The French Grand Prix was as dull as ditchwater – there’s no avoiding that fact. Did the British press tell it as straight? And how did ITV-F1 cope with the Magny-Cours snoozeathon? The post-race media review reveals all. At long, long last Wimbledon is over. It feels as if we’ve had months of the tedious […]

United States Grand Prix 2005 Media Review 13th June 2005, 19:13

The nation’s sports writers lined up to condemn the travesty of a Grand Prix that took place in the United States. The June 20th newspapers did not make welcome reading for dedicated fans of Formula One. At least ITV made a decent fist of the broadcast for once. Ecclestone and Mosley have presided over a […]

Canadian Grand Prix 2005 Media Review

The Canadian Grand Prix gave us drama, incident and a smattering of controversy. But did it capture the attention of the nation’s sports writers? Find out in our post-race media review. So, when was Jenson Button’s last retirement as a result of driver error prior to his Canadian crash? The Sun quote the man himself […]

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