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Take the new F1 Fanatic turbo era quiz 13th January 2015, 11:53

Turbo power returned to Formula One last year – but how well do you remember the original ‘turbo era’? Take the new F1 Fanatic Quiz.

Take F1 Fanatic’s new 2013 season quiz 16th November 2014, 11:45

This year’s championship comes to a close in just one week’s time – but how well do you recall last season? Take F1 Fanatic’s new quiz.

2009 F1 season – The F1 Fanatic Quiz 13th February 2012, 12:47

2009 saw the astonishing one-off triumph of Brawn and the debut of KERS. Put your knowledge of the 2009 season to the test.

Lotus 1958-1994: The F1 Fanatic Quiz 31st January 2012, 14:55

How well do you remember the original incarnation of Lotus? Take this new F1 Fanatic Quiz now and find out.

Quiz: Can you name that race? 27th January 2009, 12:00

I’ve just finished putting together lap charts for each of the races from 2008 to go into the statistics section. But then I hit upon the idea of turning them into a quiz. How many of last year’s races can you name by looking at the lap charts? Let anorak battle commence!

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