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Ten ways to get a drive in F1 (part 3/3) 6th October 2008, 11:00

Andy and LJH present the final for of their ten ways to get a drive in Formula 1. We?ve covered six different ways to get into F1 and today we present the final four: if you?ve not got a famous dad and chatting up the engine builders has got you nowhere, this is what you […]

Ten ways to get a drive in F1 (part 2/3) 5th October 2008, 14:14

Andy & LJH continue their look at how today’s drivers got their break in F1. Yesterday we looked at how to get in F1 by paying for a drive, getting in with an engine builder, and battling your way through the junior categories. Here are three more ways of making your way to Formula 1.