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The Making of Senna part 9: The response in Brazil 7th June 2011, 9:19

One scene in Senna the filmmakers thought was comical gets a very different reaction in Brazil.

The Making of Senna part 8: The Death of Ayrton Senna 5th June 2011, 11:13

1994: San Marino Grand Prix When it came to composing the scenes of Ayrton Senna’s death, the filmmakers had a clear idea what they were trying to do – and what they were keen to avoid. The film’s writer Manish Pandey explained: “We had certain rules. We were not going to move anything from one […]

The Making of Senna part 7: Imola 1994 4th June 2011, 17:34

How were the producers of Senna going to handle its unavoidably tragic conclusion?

The Making of Senna part 6: The perfect bad guy? 3rd June 2011, 9:18

Alain Prost says he’s not going to watch the Senna film because he is “suspicious” about it.

The Making of Senna part 5: The lost scenes 2nd June 2011, 11:57

Senna writer Manish Pandey explains why some famous moments were left out of the film.

The Making of Senna part 4: ‘You’ve never heard F1 sound like this’ 1st June 2011, 9:13

How the sound effects in Senna were painstakingly re-touched.

The Making of Senna part 3: Inside the F1 archive 31st May 2011, 18:10

How the producers of Senna convinced Bernie Ecclestone to let them make the film.

The Making of Senna part 2: Meeting the Sennas 27th May 2011, 12:05

Senna executive producer Manish Pandey talks about meeting Senna’s family.

The Making of Senna part 1: Life and death 24th May 2011, 16:03

The first part of a new series on the making of the film “Senna”.

Davidson: rear wings will make cars 15kph quicker 26th February 2011, 11:44

“The cars are going to be travelling anything up to 15kph faster down the straight.”

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