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F1 2007 Preview: New rules at a glance 28th February 2007, 12:00

As is now customary, the sporting rules have had a shake-up ahead of the new season. The changes range from the seismic (like engine homologation) to tiny acts of bureaucratic house-keeping, tidying up the loose ends from past instances when FIA President Max Mosley was let loose on the F1 sporting regulations. They have also […]

F1 2007 Preview: Toyota 27th February 2007, 9:00

Which problem do you think angers Toyota’s management more: Their complete failure to deliver on the enormous investment pumped into the team for six years – or the fact that no-one cares? For Toyota are not only one of the least successful teams compared to the amount spent on their F1 campaign – they are […]

F1 2007 Preview: The class of ’07 26th February 2007, 9:00

Five drivers will embark on their first full Formula 1 seasons in 2007. Among them are two drivers placed with top teams for their debut seasons, and another two who have already made their first Grand Prix starts. What can we expect from them in their first full seasons? And what have they done to […]

F1 2007 Preview: BMW 25th February 2007, 9:00

Everything I read about BMW’s 2007 season rotates around the same hang-up. Apparently they are doomed to suffer ‘second album syndrome’, where a team that impresses in their first season struggles in the next. Case studies: Stewart, 1998; Prost, 1998; Jordan, 1992 and so on. But this cuts no ice with me. BMW are no […]

F1 2007 Preview: The defecting champion 24th February 2007, 12:00

Formula 1 in 2007 is all about change – and the change that I find most fascinating of all is Fernando Alonso’s defection to McLaren. It’s a very rare thing indeed to see a reigning champion switch teams. In the last three decades Alonso is only the fifth champion to make such a change. The […]

F1 2007 Preview: Honda 23rd February 2007, 12:00

Last year Honda were held to be the ‘winter champions’ of Formula One. Anthony Davidson banged in some rapid laps and put the RA106 top of the time sheets. But close inspection of the lap times revealed the car lagged behind the top teams on long runs – which became painfully clear when the season […]

F1 2007 Preview: Will you miss Michael? 22nd February 2007, 12:00

Thirteen years after he won his first world championship, the Michael Schumacher Show has been cancelled. Many had grown bored of the ceaseless dominance of Schumacher and the Ferrari victory machine. But not his legion of fans, who may struggle to transfer their affections onto another driver. Will you miss Michael Schumacher in 2007? Or […]

F1 2007 Preview: Ferrari 21st February 2007, 12:00

The great Italian team enters its third era following the death of founder Enzo. First came political chaos, turmoil and defeat. Then a wholly different Ferrari emerged under the Todt-Brawn-Schumacher leadership – a devastating efficient winning machine, a wholly unromantic entity comparer to the Ferrari of old, that dominated the sport with a completeness never […]

F1 2007 Preview: The Raikkonen conundrum 20th February 2007, 9:00

Kimi Raikkonen: party animal, or apathetic mumbler? Brutally quick race winner, or over-rated car breaker? Heir to Michael Schumacher’s mantle, or, in the words of Jacques Villeneuve, an, “over-rated driver package,” who, “really doesn’t care?” 2007 world drivers’ champion, or three-times runner-up?

F1 2007 Preview: Renault 19th February 2007, 9:00

It’s not often that a team which has won both championships one year does not have the coveted number one on either of its cars the following season. That is the position Renault are in this year, an unavoidable reminder of the key weakness in their 2007 title defence: the loss of double world champion […]

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