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The Ben Evans Column: A new year 12th March 2008, 9:00

Early March rivals October as my favourite time of the motor sport year. October is great because for me there is nothing like watching Formula Ford from Paddock Hill Bend at Brands Hatch sipping a mug of coffee as dusk closes in. All the championships are playing out and the winners and losers of the […]

The Ben Evans column: Slowdown 19th February 2008, 7:00

Anyone with even a passing interest in the non-motorsport world cannot failed to have noticed a global recession is on the horizon. Those who like their economics with a whiff of F1 will have noted that the teams are finding it harder to pull in those all important sponsorship dollars. A disaster, surely? In the […]

The Ben Evans column – first thoughts on 2008 14th January 2008, 11:00

Already 2008 is looking like being one of the most interesting F1 seasons for a long time, if only because if 2007 was a year of transition, then 2008 will be a year of consolidation (although there are a good number of top driver moves too). This is just my hunch, but I think that […]

The Ben Evans Column: Taking safety seriously 23rd November 2007, 9:00

I recently picked up a copy of Nigel Roebuck?s Inside Formula 1, a collection of his columns from the 1980s. He sticks to his usual themes: Villeneuve, Smoking, Villeneuve, evil left-wing politicians and Villeneuve. But as ever it?s worth keeping with it for the nuggets of pure gold. In particular I was drawn to his […]

The Ben Evans Column: The next Lewis Hamilton 14th November 2007, 7:00

Assessing the environmental impact of the 2007 F1 Championship, it is vital to consider all the trees that were cut down for the reprints of the Lewis Hamilton cash-in books which have subsequently appeared on the shelves. Clearly those chapters lauding his d??but title success have had to be reprinted…

The Ben Evans column: Passion fading 26th October 2007, 7:00

Part of my Motorsport-loving self died on Monday It had been on life-support for a lot of 2007, but on Monday morning it finally popped its clogs and departed. Unlike 10.4m other Brits I actually missed the Brazilian GP as I was at Brands Hatch making my annual pilgrimage to the Formula Ford Festival, so […]

The Ben Evans Column: I’d rather be Raikkonen 17th October 2007, 7:00

Over the weekend I found myself running through the various scenarios that could play out in Brazil on Sunday night. Obviously there is the boring maths bit, who needs to finish where to clinch what. But I was more interested in the different strategies that can be employed by the drivers. On reflection I concluded […]

The Ben Evans column: Hamilton’s Mansell moment 10th October 2007, 7:00

Watching Sunday’s Chinese GP, I found that Mark Blundell’s summation ‘I believe Lewis did nothing wrong’ – bordered somewhere between the scarcely credible and utterly preposterous. Is that ‘nothing wrong – aside from crashing in the pit lane and dicing with Raikkonen when it was totally unnecessary’? Much as Nigel Mansell did in Mexico in […]

The Ben Evans column: Better DVDs, please 5th October 2007, 9:00

I missed Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix because I like to sleep in the tiny hours of the morning. Unfortunately my girlfriend then dragged me out of the house for a country walk and so I missed the repeat as well… As a result my motor sport viewing on Sunday was reduced to a quick spin […]

The Ben Evans Column – DTM’s lesson for F1 28th September 2007, 11:00

I was delighted to see on Sunday that the DTM bosses truly showed where their priorities lie, by depriving the fans in Barcelona together with a large TV audience of anything approaching a race. Yes, withdrawing all your cars makes a statement. Unfortunately for Audi that statement is not ‘Vorsprung Durch Technich’ but rather ‘We […]

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