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The Old Rumour Mil – September 4th September 2007, 7:00

Eight years ago Rubens Barrichello’s move to Ferrari was confirmed. He happily gave the press quotes about how he would definitely be allowed to race Michael Schumacher, which later proved to be not entirely true…

The Old Rumour Mill – August 7th August 2007, 7:00

Old stories from the depths of the F1 archives including how a pair of businessmen tried to bring Vanwall back to F1 in 1999. Plus the thwarted dream of a Grand Prix in London – and Alain Prost’s year off that never was.

The Old Rumour Mill – June 5th June 2007, 7:00

The Adrian Newey saga dominated the headlines six years ago. Yet, in one of those funny little ironies, although he didn’t end up leaving McLaren for Jaguar at the time he did end up moving to the same team a few years later. Plus F1 (nearly) at Laguna Seca and the absence of Audi.

The Old Rumour Mill – May 1st May 2007, 9:00

When Norbert Hamy wanted a name for his F1 team, he just turned his first name back to front. Trebron Racing Systems were set to join F1 racing in 1993 – but the obscure Japanese entry, run by a Canadian who claimed to have designed all manner of exciting technologies, simply disappeared. Plus, a contractual […]

The Old Rumour Mill – April 3rd April 2007, 12:00

This time twelve months ago the magazines were full of rumours about a Schumacher-Raikkonen ‘superteam’ at Ferrari. What a pity that never came to pass. Take a look at this and a few other predictions and expectations that were just a little wide of the mark…

The Old Rumour Mill – March 6th March 2007, 12:00

Ever hear the one about Michael Schumacher teaming up with Volkswagen to create a new F1 superteam for 2007? Or Ferrari entering the Indianapolis 500? And the oval track being built at Silverstone? Sadly they weren’t true – but these stories all made the headlines a few years ago. Here’s what was said.

The Old Rumour Mill – February 6th February 2007, 9:00

More F1 rumours that didn’t quite work out. This month: three McLarens for 1993, four for 2007, and BMW nearly join Benetton. Find out why these plans never came to be…

The Old Rumour Mill – January 9th January 2007, 19:34

In the first of a new series we take a look back at some of the hottest F1 rumours – that never became true. To kick things off we have the shock dropping of the Monaco Grand Prix, and some typical January scoops on the drivers’ market that didn’t quite work out that way…

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