Your questions answered articles on F1 Fanatic archive

Black flags, unlapping and British Grand Prix refunds 7th August 2012, 10:59

When can drivers unlap themselves? Who was last to get disqualified during a race? These and more of your questions answered.

Win-less champions, going to a race and hosting fees 5th May 2012, 10:44

Your questions answered on world champions who won the fewest races, how to arrange a trip to a Grand Prix and race hosting fees.

Which teams made the best leaps forward in a season? 2nd April 2012, 15:10

Your questions answered on which teams made great leaps of progress and forthcoming improvements at F1 Fanatic.

‘Sky for free’, Alonso on Hamilton, Trulli in 2012 and races without champions 24th January 2012, 11:02

It’s time to answer another batch of your questions on Sky, quotes from Fernando Alonso and F1 races without world champions.

Schumacher in the rain, surprise wins and visiting McLaren 18th September 2011, 15:30

More answers to questions from F1 Fanatic readers.

The driver who started an F1 race illegally 18th July 2011, 16:00

Questions on the driver who sneaked into a race and what to wear at a Grand Prix.

Engine use in 2011, Button’s Canada penalty and car numbers 22nd June 2011, 17:00

Your questions on engine use in 2011, Button’s penalty and more.

Fake winners, DRS and the manhole cover that stopped a race 1st May 2011, 9:16

It’s time to answer another batch of F1 Fanatic readers’ questions.

The engine situation with two races to go 2nd November 2010, 13:27

How much engine life do the championship contenders have left – and are Alonso and Vettel at risk of penalties?

Your questions: “F1 2010″, overtaking, pit lane penalties and more 25th April 2010, 18:11

I’ve left my inbox unattended far too long and it’s high time I rounded up a bunch of answers to readers’ questions. Today’s batch includes questions on the forthcoming Codemasters “F1 2010″ game, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel’s Shanghai reprimands and how to hear radio commentary at the Spanish Grand Prux.

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