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Your questions: Lewis Hamilton, F1 tickets and races in the snow 24th January 2010, 22:01

I’ve had a lot of questions sent in over the couple of weeks. I’ve finally got round to answering some of them covering topics as diverse as F1 tickets, avatars and getting a job in F1:

Your questions: Most champions in a seasons and Massa’s team mates 27th December 2009, 23:59

Time for another crop of questions sent to the F1 Fanatic inbox. This week, as Michael Schumacher makes his F1 comeback along three other world champions, what’s the greatest number title-winners to race against each other? See below for the answers to this and more questions.

Your questions: anthems and Glock-gate 8th September 2009, 10:00

The inbox is groaning full so it’s time to tackle another round-up of your F1 questions. This time we’re talking national anthems, libel, 2010 F1 testing, what to take to a Grand Prix… …and Lewis Hamilton passing Timo Glock in last year’s Brazilian Grand Prx. Tinfoil hats at the ready!

Your questions: crashed Ferrari, The Stig and a bridge that fell on a track 10th August 2009, 7:00

Did terrorists blow up a bridge at a Grand Prix in the 1960s? Why did an old Ferrari F1 car snap in half? And where does ‘The Stig’ get its name from? Answers to these and more of your questions below.

Your questions: pit TVs and car numbers 27th June 2009, 23:43

It’s time to tackle another crop of your questions. Today we have queries about drivers who left their teams after winning the world championship, pit TVs, and how to get work at the Abu Dhabu Grand Prix. Plus, is there really a road named after Jenson Button?

Your questions: Silverstone tips, Monza track invasions and, erm, number twos 11th June 2009, 7:00

My inbox is full to bursting at the moment, so in an attempt to make some progress through it I’ve rounded up some of your questions and attemptted to answer them all below. And as ever the F1 Fanatic commenters are on hand to fill in the blanks where I can’t.

Your questions: 2010 F1 calendar, helmet designs and more… 22nd May 2009, 12:41

I’ve been sent a few questions about F1 drivers’ helmets, the 2010 F1 calendar and how the teams help the drivers improve their racing lines. Here’s my answers – add your comments and send in questions of your own below.

F1’s shortest race: Adelaide 14-lap 1991 season finale 25th November 2008, 12:00

A stoppage due to rain made the 1991 Australian Grand Prix the shortest F1 race ever, at a little more than 32 miles.

Your questions: Team mate crashes and more 18th February 2008, 7:00

Here’s a selection of F1 questions I’ve been emailled recently – and my attempts at answering them. If you’ve got a question do email it in and please help out with any of the requests below if you can…

Your questions: F1 and the number 13 9th January 2008, 9:00

Al wrote in to ask: “Has there ever been a number 13 on a car in F1 and if so who was it?”

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