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FIA plans imminent driver aid ban followed by louder engines and increased downforce 2nd July 2015, 18:45

The FIA has vowed to ban ‘driver aids’ in three races’ time as the first step in a package of changes to overhaul F1.

Tyre warmer ban opposed by drivers 19th June 2014, 17:30

F1 drivers oppose the FIA’s plan to ban the use of tyre warmers next year, which may now not go ahead.

FIA issues new clarification on defensive driving 12th July 2012, 20:13

FIA race director Charlie Whiting has given drivers further guidance on the limits they are expected to respect when defending their position.

2014 rules to reinvigorate “sterile” engine technology 30th June 2011, 21:31

“One of the exciting things for the future is the engine are going to come back into the equation.”

FIA rubber-stamps 2014 engine rules 29th June 2011, 22:33

The FIA has formally approved the switch to V6 turbo engines in 2014.

Whitmarsh: V6 engines “the right thing” for F1 23rd June 2011, 12:31

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh backed the decision to change F1’s engine rules.

The new 2010 F1 rules: A quick guide 4th March 2010, 0:39

The changes to the F1 rules are not as sweeping as they were last season. But there are several significant alterations such as the ban on refuelling during races and winners getting 25 points instead of ten. And there are some other small-but-significant changes for 2010 to keep an eye on too, all of which […]

A change for the better: double diffusers likely to be banned in 2011 7th January 2010, 15:16

Autosport reveals the F1 teams are planning a change in the technical rules to ban double diffusers – but not until after the 2010 F1 season. The thinking is this will help keep cornering speeds down and hopefully reduce the turbulence coming from the back of F1 cars, allowing them to follow each other more […]

Think the new F1 points system is weird? We’ve seen much stranger 22nd December 2009, 7:00

Every F1 points system from 1950 to 2010 with all the Formula 1 points rules explained.

14 reasons to love the refuelling ban 17th December 2009, 7:00

The F1 Sporting Working Group has been asked to come up with new ideas to “improve the show” in F1 in 2010. But the best decision to improve the show was taken this time last year. After 16 years, refuelling during the race is finally being banned. This will make F1 more exciting, easier to […]

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