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Goodbye to?? refuelling 26th October 2009, 19:46

It’s the last race of the season so we’ll be saying our farewells this weekend – some of the fondly, others not so much. One goodbye likely to divide reaction among fans is the long-awaited banning of refuelling. When we witness our final refuelling pit stop this weekend will we have lost something special from […]

Rights and wrongs of the testing ban 12th October 2009, 7:00

F1 Fanantic guest writer and Vee8 author Duncan Stephen looks at the problems the testing ban has caused this year. This year has seen several major changes in F1, but among the biggest has been the ban on in-season testing. As is usually the case with sweeping rule changes, it has brought more than its […]

F1 teams to abandon KERS in 2010 20th August 2009, 18:41

All bar one of F1’s 13 teams have agreed not to use KERS in 2010.

F1 2010 rules: A return to proper qualifying and real Grand Prix racing 19th August 2009, 19:35

Surely the best news in the 2010 F1 rules is the confirmed return of low-fuel qualifying and a ban on in-race refuelling: 29.1 b) Refuelling during a race is forbidden. 2010 F1 Sporting Reguations The needless and uninteresting complication of fuel strategy and and tedious race-fuel qualifying are being swept away. This is a return […]

F1 2010 rules: KERS to stay

F1 cars will continue to use KERS in 2010. Despite widespread expectations that Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems would be dropped after just one year, the new F1 regulations published today includes provision for the devices. The F1 teams’ association had agreed not to use KERS next year – but I’m glad it’s staying.

This time the FIA really has dropped the ‘most wins’ rule for 2010 8th May 2009, 23:49

The FIA has now dropped the ‘most wins’ championship system for 2010. It release a revised version of next year’s rules unannounced earlier this week. It had previously left the rule in the version of the regulations published after last week’s World Motor Sports Council Meeting.

Now we’ll find out if they can overtake… 5th May 2009, 12:00

The Circuit de Catalunya will test more than just the drivers’ abilities this weekend – it will also give F1’s new ‘overtaking friendly’ cars their sternest challenge yet. Much of the aerodynamic changes made to this year’s cars were made to make overtaking easier. So far it seems we’ve seen more wheel-to-wheels racing than in […]

‘Most wins’ system confirmed for 2010 4th May 2009, 9:13

Contrary to what I wrote here yesterday, F1 will be using ‘most victories’ to decide the champion in 2010. Leahonard_e pulled me up for missing a crucial line in the new 2010 regulations: The Formula One World Championship driver?s title will be awarded to the driver who has been classified first in the greatest number […]

Why F1 will be better without refuelling 3rd May 2009, 1:05

In October 1993 the first meeting of the FIA World Motor Sports Council announced that refuelling would be re-introduced into F1 for the 1994 season. Earlier this week the same body confirmed refuelling will be banned in 2010 – leading to a mixed reaction from fans. I’ve been surprised how many comments have been posted […]

FIA aims to get all teams to cap budgets using one-sided regulations 30th April 2009, 20:23

The publication today of the FIA’s budget cap plan for 2010 shows it intends to get every team competing under the spending limit. Rather than offering technical regulation that would allow cost-capped teams to compete on parity with the unlimited spenders, it seems to me the rules for next year would favour those sticking to […]

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