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FIA aims to get all teams to cap budgets using one-sided regulations 30th April 2009, 20:23

The publication today of the FIA’s budget cap plan for 2010 shows it intends to get every team competing under the spending limit. Rather than offering technical regulation that would allow cost-capped teams to compete on parity with the unlimited spenders, it seems to me the rules for next year would favour those sticking to […]

How new rules will change 2010 F1 cars

The FIA has announced further details of changes to F1?s technical rules for 2010. Chief among these is the widely-expected banning of refuelling and tyre warmers. The minimum weight of the cars is also being increased from 605kg to 620kg, and there are revisions to the rules governing KERS. How are these changes, together with […]

Soft tyre rule: exciting or artificial? (Poll) 17th April 2009, 12:00

This weekend the drivers will once again have to cope with the ??super soft? tyre. It made for interesting racing in Australia ?ǣ but should F1 be resorting to gimmicks like forcing drivers to use un-competitive tyres?

FIA to rule on legality of Brawn, Williams and Toyota diffusers (Poll) 14th April 2009, 7:00

The FIA International Court of Appeal will today finally rule on whether the ‘double decker’ diffusers used by Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams are legal.

F1 2009: New rules at a glance 22nd March 2009, 7:00

The 2009 season sees the introduction of the most radical new rules to hit F1 in a generation. Here’s a quick guide to the major changes in the sporting and technical rules, including some potentially significant tweaks which haven’t had much attention.

Budget caps for F1 in 2010 17th March 2009, 18:28

F1 teams will be allowed to run to different technical regulations if they agree to limit their budgets to ??30m (??33m / $42m) under new rules put forward by the World Motor Sports Council today. According to the FIA: This figure will cover all expenditure of any kind. Anything subsidised or supplied free will be […]

The new safety car rules are an improvement but could still go wrong 27th January 2009, 19:41

The final 2009 F1 rules published by the FIA a few weeks ago revealed that the much-derided ??pit lane closure? rule, which ruined several drivers’ races in 2007 and 2008, is finally being dropped. But today the it has revealed that instead of returning to the pre-2007 safety car rules, drives (and fans) will have […]

How the F1 rules changes for 2009 are meant to improve racing (part 3/3) 18th January 2009, 7:00

F1 Fanatic guest writer John Beamer concludes his review of changes in the 2009 F1 rules designed to allow cars to follow each other more closely and encourage overtaking.

How the F1 rules changes for 2009 are meant to improve racing (part 2/3) 17th January 2009, 7:00

Guest writer John Beamer continues his look at how the F1 rules have been changed for 2009 in a bid to encourage closer racing and more overtaking.

How the F1 rules changes for 2009 are meant to improve racing (part 1/3) 16th January 2009, 6:00

Over the last three years the rules that govern F1 have remained remarkably stable. In recent times the slowest car on the track (usually a Force India) has often been within 1.5s of the fastest. Ten years ago such a slim margin was unheard of. However, that will all change as the FIA has overhauled […]

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