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F1 may have finally got its nose rules right 14th July 2015, 12:13

McLaren and Force India’s new noses show there is still room for innovation after the FIA moved to eradicate the ugly designs seen last year.

‘Lift and coast': Why F1 drivers are told to save fuel 11th June 2015, 11:50

Why do F1 teams spend millions on their cars and then not put enough fuel in them? And could drivers be stopped from using ‘lift and coast’ instead of driving flat out?

Making sense of F1’s engine rules for 2015 20th January 2015, 12:10

The new year is less than three weeks old but the FIA has already tweaked the engine rules twice. Here’s what it means for the teams and manufacturers in 2015.

Factory teams have an edge when it comes to cooling 23rd October 2014, 12:19

F1 teams’ different cooling solution highlights a key advantage those who design their own engines – like Mercedes – have over their customer rivals.

How teams are clawing back rear-end downforce 29th September 2014, 12:43

Changes in the 2014 rule book aimed to cut how much downforce teams could generate at the rear of the car. But inventive designers are trying to claw it back.

From one extreme to another: Monza’s low drag wings 16th September 2014, 13:57

While this weekend’s race at Singapore demands a maximum downforce set-up, in the last two races teams used their thinnest wings in pursuit of higher speeds.

How the 2015 rules aim to fix ugly F1 noses 3rd September 2014, 12:10

For next year the FIA intends to change rules which created an ugly generation of F1 cars. Here’s how the new noses may look in 2015.

Three key changes expected on next year’s F1 cars 17th August 2014, 11:47

Nose design is one of three areas where the 2015 F1 cars will be significantly different from the current models.

Ferrari reveal telemetry lap of the Hungaroring 7th August 2014, 11:57

Ferrari show how telemetry is used to help their drivers identify why they are gaining or losing time relative to their team mates.

Power unit penalties to shape second half of season 16th July 2014, 12:24

The F1 season reaches its halfway point this weekend but some teams are already facing penalties for using too many power unit components under complicated new rules.

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