F1 technology articles on F1 Fanatic archive

Technical review: 2011 Canadian Grand Prix 22nd June 2011, 8:58

Guest writer John Beamer reviews the technical changes on the cars at the Canadian Grand Prix.

F1 technology in 2011 part 2: Diffusers and more 19th June 2011, 10:03

John Beamer examines the hot topics of exhaust-blown diffusers and the 2013 engine rules.

F1 technology in 2011 part 1: Tyres and DRS 18th June 2011, 11:03

In the first of a two-part series looking F1 technology in 2011, John Beamer talks tyres and DRS.

Why F1 steering wheels have over 20 buttons – and what they all do 22nd April 2011, 9:36

Find out what all those buttons actually do.

Video guide to KERS and DRS with Sebastian Vettel 14th March 2011, 17:55

Sebastian Vettel explains the basics behind KERS and DRS in this video.

McLaren cover least test distance with new car 13th March 2011, 11:18

McLaren covered the least distance in testing with their new car of all the teams, apart from HRT.

Pre-season technical review 8th March 2011, 12:45

Guest writer John Beamer reviews the innovations on the 2011 F1 cars revealed so far.

McLaren “most interesting” of 2011 cars – Rinland 23rd February 2011, 8:47

Former F1 designer Sergio Rinland’s thoughts on McLaren, Williams and Renault’s 2011 cars.

Red Bull at “a higher level” – Rinland 3rd February 2011, 13:07

Former F1 designer Sergio Rinland believes Red Bull’s RB7 is a step ahead of its rivals.

Video shows adjustable rear wing on Sauber C30 1st February 2011, 14:24

This video produced by Sauber gives the best view yet of how the new adjustable rear wing works.

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