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Nelson Piquet Jnr wants F1 return 21st September 2009, 22:11

Nelson Piquet Jnr has issued a statement following the Renault verdict in which he tries to wash his hands of the conspiracy. Rather optimistically, he sets out his case for why he feels he should get an F1 drive in 2010: I can only hope that a team will recognise how badly I was stifled […]

Fernando Alonso should renounce his Singapore Grand Prix ‘win’ 17th September 2009, 2:00

A two-times F1 world champion like Fernando Alonso has no need of tainted triumphs handed to him in a corrupt fashion.

Should the FIA have offered Pat Symonds immunity – and will he take it? 16th September 2009, 0:37

A surprising and quite telling development in the FIA’s investigation into the Renault Singapore crash came today as the governing body extended its offer of immunity to Pat Symonds. The clear implication is the FIA believe Symonds know more than he has told them so far – and suspicion will inevitably fall on the next […]

Piquet-Renault scandal: more new evidence and complaints about leaks 11th September 2009, 21:24

Since Nelson Piquet Jnr’s statement leaked online yesterday the story has exploded, commanding back-page coverage on many of Britain’s daily papers and dominating the build-up to the Italian Grand Prix. There are accusations of blackmail, complaints about the media’s handling of the story, more material appearing online and statements flying around. Here’s a quick summary […]

Did Piquet crash on purpose? (Poll) 5th September 2009, 10:31

After the Singapore Grand Prix last year there were some people who asked if Nelson Piquet Jnr crashed deliberately but many others – myself included – who rubbished the idea. But the FIA believes it is worth investigating and has launched a World Motor Sports Council hearing into the affair. So how many people believe […]

Renault face Singapore crash hearing 4th September 2009, 17:58

The FIA has confirmed Renault are being called to answer charges they deliberately caused a crash to help Fernando Alonso win the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix.

Piquet Jnr and Alonso in Renault conspiracy claim 30th August 2009, 16:45

A Brazilian journalist claims Renault are to be investigated by the FIA over the result of last year’s Singapore Grand Prix.

F1 championship points after Belgium

Drivers’ championship Driver Points 1 Jenson Button 72 2 Rubens Barrichello 56 3 Sebastian Vettel 53 4 Mark Webber 51.5 5 Kimi Raikkonen 34 6 Nico Rosberg 30.5 7 Lewis Hamilton 27 8 Jarno Trulli 22.5 9 Felipe Massa 22 10 Heikki Kovalainen 17 11 Timo Glock 16 12 Fernando Alonso 16 13 Nick Heidfeld […]

Whitmarsh wants Hamilton and Kovalainen to have equal equipment 19th August 2009, 14:00

Nelson Piquet’s attack on Flavio Briatore for not giving him and Fernando Alonso equal equipment has once again cast a spotlight on how teams treat their drivers. McLaren’s policy of driver equality was a subject of furious debate during the 2007 season (not least on this site), when Alonso and Lewis Hamilton fell out spectacularly. […]

Romain Grosjean confirmed at Renault 18th August 2009, 18:11

Romain Grosjean will take Nelson Piquet Jnr’s place in the second Renault at this weekend’s European Grand Prix. The identity of Fernando Alonso’s new team mate will not come as a surprise to many – Grosjean was linked to the seat as early as April 2008.

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