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Start, Interlagos, 2014Keep up-to-date with future F1 races, test sessions and other events using the F1 Fanatic calendar for Google Calendars.

You can also add the calendar to your own website (click the Google button on the calendar for more) and you can use it in Microsoft Outlook as well.

Get the F1 Fanatic Calendar in your preferred format:

Get calendars for other racing series:

202 comments on F1 Fanatic Calendar

  1. jose arellano said on 9th March 2010, 17:34

    does this can be seen on my time zone ??

  2. ebcake said on 4th May 2010, 16:49

    this is a great sync to my phone just as easy many thanks

  3. Thanks, I added the events to my Google Calendar. Great Stuff!

  4. Steve UK said on 8th September 2010, 15:55

    Hi Keith… great work as per normal! Can I be cheeky and ask when you get a spare 10 mins could you add the provisional 2011 calendar? Not that important but would be really useful.

    Really appreciate your hard work, keep it up!

  5. Nice, no more typing the skeds on my phone :)

  6. Jethran said on 3rd December 2010, 10:39

    For those wanting to get a synched version into iCal, I think the following method works:

    1.Right click on the ICAL link underneath the calendar (at the top of this page) and select Copy Link
    2. Open iCal
    3. From the Calendar menu select Subscribe
    4. Paste the URL you just copied into the Calendar URL box and click Subscribe
    5. Set any options you want for the calendar and click OK

    All should now be working. I’ve not seen an update to the calendar yet so not 100% sure this works, but this is what I did with last years and that seemed to work OK.

  7. muchas gracias.

  8. ian (@ian) said on 4th January 2011, 10:10

    The calendar is great – really useful. Only one problem… is it possible to correct the duplicate entries for the Bahrain race weekend because they knock my other entries for those days out of view?


  9. Hey Keith, Maldonado’s run will be on Jan not May 14th,

    many tx for this calendar

  10. I would like to add your calender but I don’t see the download link or any instructions. Can you help?

  11. Thanks a lot! Great!

  12. Peter said on 27th January 2011, 16:18

    Hi Keith,

    thank you very much for this, I just added the calendar to my smartphone, syncing with my google account. I won’t miss any of the action now ;). One thing which would make it even more epic is if you would add the start and end times from each session of a race weekend ;)

  13. João Rocha said on 1st February 2011, 15:39

    Is there a change of a 2nd less dramatic calendar? Like: 2011 Practices and Races only? ;)

  14. UK_Doc said on 8th February 2011, 14:21

    Where can I find a calendar with qualifying and race times only? no testing and all that jazz

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